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Pre #Halloween #FlashFiction #Challenge #TGIF

I was challenged by my very fun and creative writer friend, Kristin, over at Pursuit of A New Adventure to write a Halloween story in fifteen minutes and no editing. Flash fiction at it's best. We'll see how I do. I'll start with the first sentence of her story and see where it leads. (I… Continue reading Pre #Halloween #FlashFiction #Challenge #TGIF

My Writing Journey

Interview with Kristin, #BlogBattle Orchid Winner

Hi Kristin! I'm so glad you were able to stop on by today. Everyone, meet Kristin from over at Pursuit of a New Adventure. She's our Orchid #BlogBattle winner! Make sure you jump over to her blog and read her winning story, The Gossips of Westpark Flowers. You'll get a good dose of humor out of… Continue reading Interview with Kristin, #BlogBattle Orchid Winner