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Meandering Menagerie

#BlogBattle: Menagerie genre: inspiration/children's fic Beauty upon beauty. Legend upon legend. The menagerie was more than a zoo, more than a place to keep and display wild animals. It was her home. She'd grown up there and never left the confines of its walls. She couldn't imagine a better place to live and play, and… Continue reading Meandering Menagerie

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Persepolis: City of Persians

I recently wrote a fictional western tale that had to include a theme word: Persepolis. When I was doing a quick word study of Persepolis I became enthralled with the history of the palace and the people connected to it, in part, because it seemed to line up with the book Esther from the Bible. Much… Continue reading Persepolis: City of Persians


Mad Mona #BlogBattle Week 8: Madness

This week #BlogBattle Week 8 Theme: Madness Next Week's Theme: Bun 😉 Click here to find out how to join in! Mad Mona, Her Majesty of Madonia No one likes a complainer. Not even me. But today I feel like complaining. I can't take much more of this! Her Majesty is off her rocker, and somehow… Continue reading Mad Mona #BlogBattle Week 8: Madness