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A Recap of the Amazing Blog Tour

It has been a whirlwind of blogging for the last couple weeks, because I've had some amazing stops with fantastic hosts on the Captive Hope Book Blog Tour. I enjoyed each and every one so much I wanted to create a place where we could go to find the interviews, excerpts, and friendly banter any… Continue reading A Recap of the Amazing Blog Tour


Hey, It’s Nicholas Hughes! #BlogBattle Winner Interview

Not once but two weeks in a row Nicholas's stories were top voted for #BlogBattle. The first, Fortunato's Chains, is an homage to Edgar Allen Poe. The second, Kristen's Thriller, is dedicated to Nicholas's wife. 🙂 Nicholas has been around since the very beginning of #BlogBattle, and it's because of a silly conversation he and… Continue reading Hey, It’s Nicholas Hughes! #BlogBattle Winner Interview


Freestyle Writing Challenge (just because)

Candice Coates did another FWC, that's Freestyle Writing Challenge for all you who are wondering about my love of acronyms (we'll chalk it up to working alongside the government). Anywho, Candice just invited anyone to play along, so I did. Here's her challenge and here's my late night mind ramblings: You walk into a room… Continue reading Freestyle Writing Challenge (just because)

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8 Tips for How to Start a Great Blog

Hugh, from Hugh's Views and News, asked a good question for which I hope I have a worthy answer. Hugh is curious- he wants to know what my advice would be to anyone wanting to start a blog. Hugh already has a great blog.  He really doesn't need my advice, seeing as how I've got an… Continue reading 8 Tips for How to Start a Great Blog