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How to Not Get Overwhelmed: The Editing/Editor Consideration

I hadn't really planned to cover editing in the How to Not Get Overwhelmed with Indie Publishing series--except to say that as far as I'm concerned, editing is a must--but a question arose that I didn't want to gloss over. Trust me when I say I know that editing can seem like a lofty, unattainable… Continue reading How to Not Get Overwhelmed: The Editing/Editor Consideration

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7 Ways Blogging Makes You a Better Creative Writer

Reblog from I Came for the Soup with Candice Coates! Escapades of an Indie Author & Publisher by Rachael Ritchey: 7 Ways Blogging Makes You a Better Creative Writer Excerpt: First off, I gotta say thanks to Candice for this chance to share on her blog! It’s not every day I get the opportunity, and she… Continue reading 7 Ways Blogging Makes You a Better Creative Writer

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The Show Must Go On

#BlogBattle: Ticket Some people make it through their entire lives without incident. 'Some people' were not Gloria VanGlidden. No, Gloria was a walking, talking disaster of an incident. Not a day went by without something sidelining her activity. And it didn't seem to matter how well she kept her day planner organized either. "Oh, snot… Continue reading The Show Must Go On

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Interview with #BlogBattle “Feather” Winner: Andy D.

Another great story theme has produced another great winner. Andy hails from The Whale & the Petunias. He's a newbie to the #BlogBattles, but we are so glad to have him join the ranks with his creative talent. It's amazing to me, each week, to see all the creativity and talent brought out by imagination and a… Continue reading Interview with #BlogBattle “Feather” Winner: Andy D.

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Chocolate Deception

#BlogBattle 52 Theme: Hair -- Genre: Drama/Romance -- Part 3 Meet Teresa, or Terry as her friends call her. Terry is a smart, savvy, and rather clumsy confectioner. Her candy shop is called the Corner Confectionery and over the course of the last year she's built up a strong business. But Blaine Industries' up and… Continue reading Chocolate Deception