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Step Through the Nexus Gate with Candice Coates

Guys, gals, peoples, beasts! Have you heard about this new book yet? If not, you are missing out. Nexus Gate 4037: The Animal by Candice Coates is a must-read for anyone who enjoys sci-fi, time travel, futuristic worlds clashing with history, and the like. It's currently available on Kindle but paperback and other ebook options… Continue reading Step Through the Nexus Gate with Candice Coates

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B-Fest Author Spotlight 3: Guy L. Pace

Guy L. Pace is a super grandpa, served in the Navy, and worked as a journalist as well as some other interesting jobs I’ll let him tell you about. And while we think all that is pretty cool, we are most interested in the fact that he’s an author. I posted about his books earlier,… Continue reading B-Fest Author Spotlight 3: Guy L. Pace


Tronimator, or the Curse of a Gift

#BlogBattle 42: Gift Gift? No, curse is more like it. But if I have to hear one more time that my ability is a gift I think I'll scream. "Seriously, James, that sorta gift is a huge responsibility. Don't waste it." "Argh," I say and roll my eyes. There's nothing else to say. I spent the… Continue reading Tronimator, or the Curse of a Gift

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#Blogbattle Week 41 “Flake” Entries & Voting

#BlogBattle 41 Story Theme: Flake (basic rules at the bottom of the post) Look for stories using #BlogBattle on Twitter, too! Wednesday, the poll gets added. Be sure to read them all. All the links will open in a new window so that you can easily navigate back to this list. RULES for VOTING: Anyone can… Continue reading #Blogbattle Week 41 “Flake” Entries & Voting


Oasis of Mars: All Aboard

Okay, so I actually used Mars as the setting for my Oasis #BlogBattle story. And as often happens, more story wanted to come from that short episode, so I wrote two more parts the next week. I tried to put it aside for the time being, knowing I want to really and truly write this… Continue reading Oasis of Mars: All Aboard