#BlogBattle October: CAVE

Good day to you! If you've missed out on the announcement, the BlogBattle is back! Yes, yes it is. And now is the time to write your story for October so everyone can read and enjoy it throughout the month and in the future. And here is this month's word: Cave Of course, the best… Continue reading #BlogBattle October: CAVE

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Reminder: Adventure Scifi & Fantasy Short Story Contest

* 3/17/18 Entries for the ASF Contest are now closed! Public Service Announcement! It's not too late to enter the Adventure Scifi & Fantasy Contest! Click here for the Official Rules and other Info The contest is free! There are cool prizes! There is a VERY good chance your story could be in the anthology.… Continue reading Reminder: Adventure Scifi & Fantasy Short Story Contest

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Guest Nicholas Rossis: You’re a SUCCESS!

I'm so excited one of my favorite authors has agreed to be a guest on my blog.  Today I'd like to welcome Nicholas Rossis to our little corner of the wide web of the world. Nicholas is from Athens, Greece (this alone is "'nough said" 🙂 ). He's an author, web designer, and author services specialist.… Continue reading Guest Nicholas Rossis: You’re a SUCCESS!

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Ch 1: Secrets of the Spokanee #BlogBattle #fiction

#BlogBattle 76: Debacle 🙂 Come one, come all! Read and write and have a ball! genre: action/adventure Choking dust plumed about. I pulled the front of my shirt up and coughed into it, at the same time squinting my eyes against the assault of tiny particles. With my free hand I waved through the dust with… Continue reading Ch 1: Secrets of the Spokanee #BlogBattle #fiction

#BlogBattles, short stories

Egging You On: A Reprisal

Happy One Year #BlogBattle Anniversary! So, "Egging You On" was my week 3 #BlogBattle story, and while I'm partial to my strange addiction to Mad Mona, I've decided to pull this one out of the file instead. When I wrote it I wanted more from the story, so why not revisit it a bit and… Continue reading Egging You On: A Reprisal