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Book Signing Experience

As most of you know, I'm a new author. I'm virtually unknown outside my circles of friends and family. As an author, though, it's important to get my name and stories out in the world where more people can become familiar with us. We had the chance to have another book signing at Barnes &… Continue reading Book Signing Experience

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Barnes & Noble Book Signing, the Sequel

Yes, yes, yes! The Beauty Thief and I will be at Barnes & Noble at the Sullivan exit  off of I-90 in Spokane Valley, WA on Saturday, May 16th from 11 AM PDT to at least 2 PM. That's tomorrow, folks! Actually, that's almost today. They said I could stay longer if I wanted, and I… Continue reading Barnes & Noble Book Signing, the Sequel

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What I Learned From My First Book Signing

Wow! Saturday's Book Signing was quite an experience. One never knows what to expect from something she has never done. THANK YOU TO ALL MY FRIENDS, FAMILY, and NEW FRIENDS! Here are a few things I learned: Introverted people have to at least pretend to be extroverted. I'm lucky because I live somewhere between the… Continue reading What I Learned From My First Book Signing

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Book Signings!

My local Barnes & Noble stores will be hosting books signings for The Beauty Thief! The first one will be at Northtown Mall in north Spokane. Saturday, April 11th, 2015 Noon to 4:00 PM The second one will be at the Spokane Valley location on Indiana and Sullivan, near the Valley Mall. Saturday, May 16th,… Continue reading Book Signings!