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Sneaky Quote

It's not a sneaky quote so much as a sneak peek quote.  This is a snippet from The Beauty Thief that my editor appreciated. I appreciate her for appreciating it! It's one of the most important paragraphs from the book . . .   This is my photograph and artwork as well. 🙂 I hope you… Continue reading Sneaky Quote


Set Apart

Forgiven I am just a girl, I'm no one special I'm nothing perfect, or refined, But make mistakes and change my mind. * I'm not perfect, I am just me. I'm only this girl who wants to be kind And sometimes you might mistake me, I find. * I want to be gentle, I want… Continue reading Set Apart


Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss It.

In a Blink Do you ever look at the day And think to yourself, NO WAY! Time has flown by in a zip And you can't seem to get a grip. It just slips on through your fingers. A memory is all that lingers, But you know it truly was real Life lived wasn't something… Continue reading Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss It.

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Q&A #6: Pampered Self?

Two ladies I love dearly asked very similar questions of me.  I will gladly try to answer them, because maybe one of you has a better idea...OR, you might like it how I do it so much you'll want to try it, too!  Either way, let's share our secrets here on the world-wide-web. 🙂 Cyndi… Continue reading Q&A #6: Pampered Self?



The future we see through broken and twisted spectacles There is not sure sight to know the path We trip along, hoping to grasp a rail When in fact, none is to be had Not with our hands, at least Only our hearts can lead For our hearts see what  Eyes cannot see Feel what… Continue reading Second-Sight