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SILVER #BlogBattle Winner is . . .

She has done it again, folks! Blonde Lucy is a fantastic friend and writer. We love her stories, but mostly we love how much she cares about her fellow #BlogBattlers and friends. She approached the Silver theme with great passion and creativity. Congrats, Blonde! Here's your badge to add to your story!   The Comet by… Continue reading SILVER #BlogBattle Winner is . . .

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#BlogBattle: SILVER Entries & Voting

Here are the short stories written so far! Be sure to read them all! I'll add more as they are available, and on Wednesday I'll add the POLL to this post so we can all vote for our favorite. In order to vote, please write a short story so that we can include yours, too!… Continue reading #BlogBattle: SILVER Entries & Voting


Polish the Silver. Make it Shine. #BlogBattle Week 5

Week 5 #BlogBattle Theme: Silver (and REMEMBER! Starting this week, everyone who has participated in the past and participates this week gets to vote for the winner! I'll post a Poll w/links to all the stories on Wednesday PST. 🙂 ) Polish the Silver. Make it Shine. "Toledo Fink! You little stink! I'm telling, Mom!"… Continue reading Polish the Silver. Make it Shine. #BlogBattle Week 5


Bludgeon #BlogBattle Winner is . . .

We had another week of creative stories! Every story had a different spin on the word bludgeon, but every one captured something special! I'm relieved to announce that Nicholas Hughes, my very good author friend, did all the picking of a winner this week! I definitely don't enjoy that part, but I do love all… Continue reading Bludgeon #BlogBattle Winner is . . .

#BlogBattles, Weekly Entries to #BlogBattle

Week 5 #BlogBattle Theme: Silver

Week Five #BlogBattle Word: Silver Post it: Tuesday, April 14th, 2015. Let’s put our creativity to work and write some short stories! It doesn’t need to be long. In fact, if you like a challenge, make it as short as you can. Your skill level as a writer doesn’t matter. We’d just love to read… Continue reading Week 5 #BlogBattle Theme: Silver