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A Paraphrase of Antigone

Antigone is a play, a Greek tragedy, written by Sophocles somewhere around 440 B.C. I read this in the eighth grade on the recommendation of my librarian. I'm so glad she told me about it. I loved it and have forever adored the names Antigone (an-ti-guh-nee) and Ismene (iss-meh-nee). Here's the gist of Antigone: Thebes… Continue reading A Paraphrase of Antigone

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Riley Meets Silver Surfer

Okay, so all my kids have caught the writing bug. My seven-year old wrote a story for the #BlogBattle: Silver, but he forgot to save the file before he went to bed and lost it. He was really upset by this, so I offered to type it up for him while he told me the… Continue reading Riley Meets Silver Surfer