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B-Fest Author Spotlight 3: Guy L. Pace

Guy L. Pace is a super grandpa, served in the Navy, and worked as a journalist as well as some other interesting jobs I’ll let him tell you about. And while we think all that is pretty cool, we are most interested in the fact that he’s an author. I posted about his books earlier,… Continue reading B-Fest Author Spotlight 3: Guy L. Pace

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Book Signing Experience

As most of you know, I'm a new author. I'm virtually unknown outside my circles of friends and family. As an author, though, it's important to get my name and stories out in the world where more people can become familiar with us. We had the chance to have another book signing at Barnes &… Continue reading Book Signing Experience

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What I Learned From My First Book Signing

Wow! Saturday's Book Signing was quite an experience. One never knows what to expect from something she has never done. THANK YOU TO ALL MY FRIENDS, FAMILY, and NEW FRIENDS! Here are a few things I learned: Introverted people have to at least pretend to be extroverted. I'm lucky because I live somewhere between the… Continue reading What I Learned From My First Book Signing