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Power? I’m Not She-ra

I do not have the power. Seriously, no power at my house. Half my block has it, but the rest of us continue to live in the dark. I really cannot complain as we are lucky enough to have a gas stove to heat the house. I can still access the internet on my phone,… Continue reading Power? I’m Not She-ra

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Book Signing Experience

As most of you know, I'm a new author. I'm virtually unknown outside my circles of friends and family. As an author, though, it's important to get my name and stories out in the world where more people can become familiar with us. We had the chance to have another book signing at Barnes &… Continue reading Book Signing Experience

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Taken for Granted: A List of Twenty-One

The following is an incomplete list of things I am pretty sure I take for granted. Maybe you can identify with some. What do you take for granted? I know how to ride a bicycle Toilet paper is at my disposal where ever necessary My home is warm My home can be cool when it's… Continue reading Taken for Granted: A List of Twenty-One