Honeymoon Hideout

#BlogBattle 45: Dive Peering the direction Theiandar pointed worked to stir up the butterflies in Caityn's stomach. She knew how to swim and had jumped from heights before, just none that high. "I like to dive off that one. The first time my father brought me to Negeen I was too afraid to do it,… Continue reading Honeymoon Hideout

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Princess Caityn Tells Her Story

So, I was searching through my plethora of notebooks, looking for a story I'd started writing a few years ago. Instead of the story for which I searched I came across this little bit. I didn't date it so I have no idea when I wrote it. (nice memory, right?) It's written from Caityn's perspective.… Continue reading Princess Caityn Tells Her Story

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Thursday 10:00 AM PST, Live Interview Right Here

Good morning! In just three hours Aurelia Casey and I will get together on Google Hangouts for a live interview about The Beauty Thief. I'm super nervous and excited! If you can be there, fantastic! Below is the YouTube spot, or click on Google Hangouts to see it from there. If you can't make it for… Continue reading Thursday 10:00 AM PST, Live Interview Right Here