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Rabbit Abduction – A #Blogwars Story

I'm not sure whose idea it really was, but Nicholas Hughes and I have challenged each other to a "Blog War" with a topic of RABBITS. We have two judges who will use the following criteria: Use of Rabbits Application of Rabbits Enjoyment Who knows if I've followed these criteria. I hope so, but mostly… Continue reading Rabbit Abduction – A #Blogwars Story

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Sneaky Quote

It's not a sneaky quote so much as a sneak peek quote.  This is a snippet from The Beauty Thief that my editor appreciated. I appreciate her for appreciating it! It's one of the most important paragraphs from the book . . .   This is my photograph and artwork as well. 🙂 I hope you… Continue reading Sneaky Quote

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My Very Own Seafaring Ballad!

I wrote this part in Captive Hope which called for a pirate sing-along. No really. These pirates enjoy singing. They are masters of the sea shanty, but a ballad will sneak into the repertoire every now and again. So, I left that part of the story empty while deliberating the song I must choose. I thought… Continue reading My Very Own Seafaring Ballad!

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Why Did I Choose Fantasy?

I talk to people in person about my writing almost every week now. EVERY time someone asks me about my book it usually goes something like this: Person: "Rachael, I saw on Facebook [I heard] you are writing a book. What's it about?" Me: (Starts to sweat. Thinks, how do I explain this in simple and… Continue reading Why Did I Choose Fantasy?

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Inside Beauty – Inside My Story

I've talked about beauty on my blog pretty often since I started here a few months ago.  I keep saying the same thing in different (and often similar) ways.  Beauty is not just something we look at and appreciate.  It comes from the inside of a person.  His or her character, morals, and values will… Continue reading Inside Beauty – Inside My Story