Interview with “Troop” & “Legumes” Winner, Sarah Brentyn

Hi Sarah! Congrats on The Resistance winning the Troop Blog Battle last week and Legumes this week! So exciting. I'm glad you could stop by. It's a battle tradition to interview the winner of a battle, especially on your first win, but now you've had two in a row. Everyone is dying to know more about… Continue reading Interview with “Troop” & “Legumes” Winner, Sarah Brentyn

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Oasis of Mars: Final Troop

#BlogBattle 24 "Troop"  Genre: Scifi I wasn't going to do any more serial stories, but this one is rather stuck in my head right now. You're stuck with it, too. Part ONE: Oasis of Mars; Part TWO: Minister Sola's Palace This is Part THREE: Final Troop “You’re making a mistake, and you’re going to get… Continue reading Oasis of Mars: Final Troop