Interview with #BlogBattle “Frog” Winner Sarah Colliver

Wow! Another week, another winner! Please help me to welcome Sarah Colliver, everyone. She's an author, mum, and wife. We have that in common, so I'm pretty stoked to ask her some tough questions today! Congrats, Sarah. We're so pleased to have you as a part of our #BlogBattles, and this week's win is a… Continue reading Interview with #BlogBattle “Frog” Winner Sarah Colliver

Questions People Ask

Buying ISBNs & the Best Way to Do It

I've been asked this question several times: How many ISBNs do you recommend purchasing? The question of buying bar codes has also arisen, but that question is not one I know much about. From my limited experience, I would say, no, it isn't necessary. My indie publishing experience has been with: Createspace (Amazon Company) Kindle Direct… Continue reading Buying ISBNs & the Best Way to Do It