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Q&A with Author Ian Probert

I have a special guest for you today. I wrote a little about his most recent book not too long ago. It's a book about ex-boxers and the author's journey through healing after his father's death. Click here to read more from me about Dangerous, a sequel to his book Rope Burns. Click here to… Continue reading Q&A with Author Ian Probert


Hey, It’s Nicholas Hughes! #BlogBattle Winner Interview

Not once but two weeks in a row Nicholas's stories were top voted for #BlogBattle. The first, Fortunato's Chains, is an homage to Edgar Allen Poe. The second, Kristen's Thriller, is dedicated to Nicholas's wife. 🙂 Nicholas has been around since the very beginning of #BlogBattle, and it's because of a silly conversation he and… Continue reading Hey, It’s Nicholas Hughes! #BlogBattle Winner Interview


Interview with #BlogBattle “Frog” Winner Sarah Colliver

Wow! Another week, another winner! Please help me to welcome Sarah Colliver, everyone. She's an author, mum, and wife. We have that in common, so I'm pretty stoked to ask her some tough questions today! Congrats, Sarah. We're so pleased to have you as a part of our #BlogBattles, and this week's win is a… Continue reading Interview with #BlogBattle “Frog” Winner Sarah Colliver

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Interview with Ssenlrak, Madness #BlogBattle Winner

The votes were tallied and our Week 8 Madness winner is Ssenlrak (Karl Gman)!!! Congrats to that handsome hubby of mine. I have to admit when I read his madness story I chortled quite a bit while swiveling back and forth in my padded computer chair. I hope you got a little chuckle out of… Continue reading Interview with Ssenlrak, Madness #BlogBattle Winner