“Do your best and forget the rest.” – Tony Horton

Writer, book designer, home educator, eccentric mama, loved wife.

Rachael Ritchey started her writing career from a personal space. As a foster family, she, her husband, and kids experienced the emotional roller-coaster that is fostering; it is both joyful and agonizing. It was in one of those moments of heartache that Rachael finally pushed herself to do something she was afraid to do but had wanted for so long: write books. To write stories that might share hope and courage, adventure and love.

As a book designer, Rachael has been an amateur photographer, digital photo-manipulator, sketch artist, painter, and digital artist going back in stages to the age of ten. In the last nine years she has studied and worked to improve her skills and offers them as a service to other writers and businesses with graphic, book cover, and interior formatting design needs.

As an educator, Rachael has homeschooled her children at various stages and ages. Education happens all day long, no matter where we are. Rachael can be heard saying the old adage, “You learn something new every day,” and she tries to live that way. Beyond her children, she also shares her time and talents educating other writers on how to independently publish, how to format papers professionally to turn in to editors, publishers, and contests, and she troubleshoots with her clients through the process of publication whenever they need.

You are more than meets the eye.”

I wholeheartedly believe this and want to capture these beautiful traces of humanity in the characters I write, whether it be a short story or a full-length novel. My family, especially my husband and four children, inspire me to search deep inside to find the real person within the shell and expose the hidden pearl.

It’s time for you to share a little about yourself! Say hi in the comments. What inspires you to do good in the world? What makes you angry? Who or what would you be willing to die to protect? What makes you crazy? Happy?

Rachael Ritchey

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