Versatile Blogger Award

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? It’s not every day some generous blogger pops over with award nominations and shout outs to ones humble ramblings, but…. ? I am humbled to announce that a fellow blogger at the Ink Owl has nominated me for this particular award. This link is to their award post because the…

#BlogBattle 7: February 21st “Shine” Entries & Voting

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Hello! Welcome to Blog Battle, a weekly writing prompt competition! If you haven’t already, check out the rules (more like instructions on how to participate & have fun). Winning story for the week will earn this badge! 🙂 BUT that’s not all! One of our talented authors, Cathleen Townsend, has kindly offered her time, experience,…

The Wulver of Shetland Inn #BlogBattle #shortfiction #folklore

#BlogBattle: “SHINE” Folklore The Wulver of Shetland Inn “Twas him I tell ye!” Conall slammed his mug of ale down on the rough-hewn wood counter top, shiny and smoothed only by age and steady use. He glowered at the raucous  laughter of the other men at the tavern and did his best to keep his … More The Wulver of Shetland Inn #BlogBattle #shortfiction #folklore