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“The Forever Door” Prologue Bonus

This is a special preview prologue to my story "The Forever Door" in The Crux Anthology, a book of adventure science fiction and fantasy short stories by sixteen different authors. Official Release Date: November 26th, 2018 You can preorder your ebook copy November 19th, 2018 We've got our very own The Crux Crew FB Fan… Continue reading “The Forever Door” Prologue Bonus

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Announcing the Winners of the ASF Short Story Contest!

*Before you do anything else, push play on this video. You will want Victory music playing while you enjoy the inaugural ASF Short Story Contest results!* Back in November, I got this hairbrained idea to put together a short story contest based off a book cover I'd randomly been designing just for kicks. I put some… Continue reading Announcing the Winners of the ASF Short Story Contest!

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#BlogBattle Stories: Heart

Stories, stories, stories! #BlogBattle is on for December. Get your HEART stories written, and be inspired by the ones already posted. 🙂



December 2018 Blog Battle Entries

It’s not too late! Keep sending up links to your stories through the end of the month!

Updated Tuesdays & the 30th

“Stone” by Anita Dawes

“A Georgetown Misadventure” by Stevie Turner

“From the Hot Girl – Part One” by Phil Hutson

“Love is Hard” by Just Muddling Through Life

“The Chaos Engine” by Gary Jefferies

“Eat Your Heart Out” by Mark Huntley-James

“Heart in the Darkness” by Claire M. Banschbach

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#BlogBattle Stories: Educate

It’s only the 29th of November! 🙂 Here are some great stories to enjoy, and if you have one of your own you’d like to have included in the lineup, make sure you put a link to your story in the comments. Tomorrow is the last day for November’s word: Educate.



November 2018 Blog Battle Entries

Updated Tuesdays & the 30th

“School” by Anita Dawes

“Horse Lords” by The Dark Netizen

“A Fork in the Road” by Marian Wood

“A World of Shadows” by OnlineGirl

“There is Power in a Name” by Ellen Best

“The Education of Elspeth” by Joy E. Rancatore

“Education Starts at Home” by Ilka @SenseofInnerPeace

“My Mom the Werewolf” by M. J. Hudon

“The Study: Thanksgiving” by Bryntin

“The Extinction Protocol” by Simon Farnell

“Hands Up – An Educational Experience” by Mark Huntley-James

“Educate” by Amelia @YouCanAlwaysStartNow

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I’m In An Anthology! // Giveaway

Inspiration for “Lost and Found” by Victoria Lynn and a giveaway! 😀 Check it out, my friends!

Ruffles and Grace

The Cruz

I feel like I’ve had nothing but announcements lately, but this needed to be shared!

I participated in a story contest created by Rachael Ritchey over on her website here.

You can find out more info and see the content guide for the book here.

Now, a little about the writing process for my story.

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Guest author: Rachael Ritchey ~ The Making of an Anthology

The Crux Anthology is out today! Check out this guest post Sue Vincent was kind enough to let me share on her blog about the making of this book! And don’t forget to get your copy today in support of these talented writers and our effort to raise money to donate to Compassion International.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

How does one get from A to XYZ without losing one’s mind?

Simple. Forego the mind altogether.

Actually, that advice doesn’t even begin to explain how putting together an anthology might actually work, so let’s start from the top.

The Who

My name is Rachael Ritchey. I’m an indie author who publishes my own work through RR Publishing. I know. Terribly clever name for my publishing business!

I not only publish my own works through my business, I also offer services to other indie authors for cover and interior design.

Someday I’d like to be a small publishing house that has something to offer besides my meager assistance with design work.

How does this relate to the making of an anthology? The short answer is it doesn’t. The long answer is more nuanced, I think.

I have been designing book covers for a few years now, and I regularly design…

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The Crux Crew Mini-Interview

I couldn't help reblogging this entertaining and interesting interview (more of a conversation between three authors we get to sit it on) between host author Joy E. Rancatore, R. J. Rodda, and Audrey Driscoll.  To enjoy the interview in its entirety, head to Joy's website by clicking this link: Following is a snippet, but… Continue reading The Crux Crew Mini-Interview