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Dare to dream of a better life. Join the fae who battle against evil. Wake injured on an unfamiliar planet with only a stranger to rely upon. Fight for survival after an apocalypse. Discover the secret of the other BUSS station. Open dimensional portals. Uncover mysteries and so much more in this sixteen-story anthology to you by a group of international authors.

All sixteen short stories within this anthology come from different authors. Our eclectic mix of backgrounds and stories will give you plenty to enjoy as you dive into the pages of this adventurous science fiction and fantasy mashup! Almost all the writers have taken the original contest prompt (use the cover of the book as inspiration) for some element within. See if you can spot it!

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On occasion, you might wonder what could be within the pages of a book, especially when there are certain words or content pieces that you don’t like in your fiction. For your convenience, we’ve also added a Sensitivity Rating Page for information:

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Connect with the Authors:

R. J. Rodda (Chosen for the Fox-dance)
Joy E. Rancatore (Ealiverel Awakened)
Audrey Driscoll (Blue Rose)
Angie Thompson (Restore)
K. R. Ludlow (The BUSS Stop)
E. E. Rawls (Vanished)
R. J. Llewellyn (The Paths We Choose)
Victoria Lynn (Lost and Found)
Gary Jefferies (The God Strain)
Barb Taub (Daddy Forgot Water)
David Jesson (The Cave of Legix)
Sha’Tara (The Knight Errant: An Anachronistic Tale)
Briar Shea (A Journey with Death)
V. P. Grey (Elixir)
Deb Whittam (A Mystery Wrapped in a Riddle)
Rachael Ritchey (The Forever Door)

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