The Crux Anthology is a book of short stories from sixteen authors of all ages, walks of life, and literal places across the globe. The book is a product of a contest held at the beginning of 2018 and stipulated that all content fit within a PG-13 rating such as in movies, and the authors did a great job of sticking to that rule.

However, with that rating, there will inevitably be words used that are outside the comfort zone of some readers. Out of respect, especially when purchasing our book, we’ve put together this helpful list of the times and places certain words can be found throughout the pages so that if anyone feels the need to skip certain stories while enjoying the rest, they can do so without shock or dismay.

Appearances of sensitive words in The Crux Anthology:

  1. There are sixteen instances of swearing, two of which are questionably included.
  2. *instances in italics are times a word is not used as swearing/cursing/cussing







While several stories have violence and some graphic content, nothing falls outside what would appear in a movie rated at PG-13, and none is gratuitous. There is no nudity or sex.

This is not a book intended for young children, but it is appropriate for teens and older.

We hope you’ve found this information helpful and will find much to enjoy in the pages of The Crux Anthology!

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