The Beauty Thief

Book ONe in Chronicles of the Twelve Realms

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Magic is long dead in the Twelve Realms. At least this is what most believed until an innocent young woman becomes the obsession of a man who defies time by stealing the only thing that sustains his life: true beauty.

Princess Caityn is more than a pretty face. Her beauty runs soul deep, and because of this, her life is priceless to the thief. On the eve of her wedding to the high prince, Caityn is attacked. The thief’s powerful dark magic leaves her a wretched hag with an unrecognizable, shriveled soul.

Stories of old. A quest. Willing sacrifice. These are all that can save her, but doubt is a powerful weapon, and the thief knows it well. He will stop at nothing to keep the prince from undoing the curse.

I wrote this fictional story because I wanted to find a creative way to say true beauty, the kind that surpasses the physical, flows out of a kind and courageous soul.  I dedicated the book to my daughters, but I could have done so to all my children.

It says:

Your beauty lies not in how you look or what you wear. It is in the depths of your heart where character and courage reside.

Rachael Ritchey

The Beauty Thief may seem like a simple fantasy story written to entertain, but at the marrow, it is a reminder. Who we are as people and how we care for those around us are what truly make us beautiful. The nice thing about sharing this through fiction is we can enjoy a good adventure along the way!

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