B4 the Editor

Formatting for Writers

B4 the Editor is a 7-part (9 videos) series that walks through the process of fixing incorrect formatting and pre-formatting before sending a manuscript to the editor.

You might be wondering why writers need these videos? It’s pretty simple. We hire editors to make our words shine, to improve our syntax and find the holes in our plots. They often have to waste precious time fixing formatting errors that could be easily avoided if us writers knew the basic conventions of formatting.

Here is an answer to the dilemma! A useful series of videos that walk writers through formatting in MS Word. The good news for non-Word users is that the basic principles apply to other word processing programs.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below. As those questions get answered, someone else might have the same question and can find an answer in the comments too.

Part 1: Welcome & Basic Layout

Part 2: Stripping Out Incorrect Formatting

Part 3: Adding In Correct Formatting

Part A: Using the options in the Home Bar of MS Word (more suitable for other word processor programs)

Part B: Using STYLES Tool in MS Word to create great formatting

Part 4 Bonus Videos

Adding Header Info

Setting Up a Cover Page

Part 5 Using MS Word Find/Replace Tool

Part 6 Using MS Word’s Track Changes Tool

Part 7 Creating a New Manuscript Template w/Correct Formatting

If you find yourself in need of a quick-reference guide instead of needing to watch the videos again, please accept this extra free gift:

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