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Magic is long dead in the Twelve Realms. At least this is what most believed until an innocent young woman becomes the obsession of a man who defies time by stealing the only thing that sustains his life: true beauty.

But this is just the beginning. Evil is never far. If it does not rage as a storm, it lurks in the shadows, plotting and planning our demise as surely as the light comes with the dawn.

The Beauty ThiefCaptive HopeThe Treasonous

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And in Other Worlds . . .

The Crux Anthology is here! Order the ebook at any of these retailers:

currently limited through Amazon…

And because there’s always room for more good stories, come along on the ongoing adventure of the first of many (I’m sure) Twelve Realms Novellas:

A Twelve Realms Prequel: Forever & a Thousand Times

I’m adding this to the blog and Wattpad, one chapter a time for you to enjoy as I write it!

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Fictional Map of the Twelve Realms

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