Twelve Realms Map

The Twelve Realms

Map of the Twelve Realms

High Castle is a huge, walled city and is the main seat of government for the entire kingdom of the Twelve Realms. Here is where High Prince Theiandar resides. His father is High King Dante. Under his headship, each realm is considered a sub-kingdom and is ruled by its own king. Prince Theiandar is the heir to the throne.

  1. *Taisce [tash-ka] means treasure or treasury and is the realm known for diamonds and its abundance of white stone called quartzomite. The people of the Dark Lands are not friends and tend to raid Taisce to steal the precious gems. This is the home of Princess Caityn, the young woman the Beauty Thief has set his sights on.
  2. Parlan [PAR-lan] means son of the plow and is a farming realm. Here, they grow many of the staple food crops for the kingdom.
  3. Nashua [NAH-shoo-ah] means lands between two rivers. The area is mainly rolling hills and grass, a high prairie perfect for raising cattle.
  4. Marodan [mar-o-dan] is a sea port realm. Its name is derived from ‘mar’ which means ‘sea’ in French.
  5. *Larue [la-roo] means dweller by the road. The realm is a major trading hub for the people of the kingdom. Exotic things from across the Opal Sea can be bought there. Haggling is a must. (I would like to learn how to haggle. You?)
  6. Tappen [ta-pen] means top of the hanging rock and this realm is in a windswept barren area. Tappen sits at the edge of the Cliffs of Bayroh and is known for their weaponry forging. They also have outposts near the Bear River which runs between the Twelve Realms and the Desert Regions of Ahka.
  7. *Nevin [neh-vin] means saint. The land abuts the Saddle Ridge Mountains and Glass Lake, with High Castle to the north. They have orchards and vineyards, but are named for the Monasey of Nevin, which in our world is best related to a monastery or school of faith.
  8. *Wyeth [why-eth] means from land by willow tree and this is a neat little place. They have an abundance of forests, but are named after the willow trees that grow only here. Wyeth is also where the master fletchers live, creating beautiful bows and arrows for the people of the Twelve Realms.
  9. Emlyn [em-lin] means to strive or excel. Emlyn sits on the north-western edge of the Twelve Realms. The Crescent Cave Nation, to the west, are a prideful people who do not abide by the diplomatic treaties of their ancestors. Emlyn is the front line of protection against their threats.
  10. Landon [lan-dun] means from the long hill and they raise goats and sheep. They collect the fleece of the sheep and sell it for making clothing, etc.
  11. *Conleth [con-leth] means something like chief or lord. This realm is actually the smallest one and is where the most prestigious university of the Twelve Realms is located. Another important part of Conleth’s place in the kingdom is that the Hall of Historic Records is located here. The historic writings and traditions of the kingdom are housed near the university.
  12. Berne [burn] means bold as a bear and is definitely the wilderness region of the kingdom. They people here are trappers and traders. They are known for their quality-made leather and furs.

* indicates realms featured in The Beauty Thief

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  1. Woww…. You must ve worked so hard at this.. Love the way you have placed each place on the map and the way their cultures are.. I am torn between many of them.. God I wanna live in all of them at once.. haha That not so greedy of me, is it?

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