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#BlogBattle Stories: Airtight

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May 2019 Blog Battle Entries

Updated Daily, so make sure to check back for new stories throughout the month!

“Delivered” by A. E. Branson

“Money, a row, a walk and a tight situation” by Marian

“Pooping Monstrosity!” by Lisa R. Palmer

“Denial” by The Dark Netizen

“Waiting for the Day (airtight)” by Frank Prem

“Airtight Mystery” by Bella Basket

“Putting His Affair On Ice” by Geoff Le Pard

“Airtight Case” by Bryntin

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My Writing Journey

Cover and Maps Are Heeeere!!! (This Book Is Getting Real!)

So thrilled for this upcoming release!

I know I keep talking about all these upcoming books, but you really want to know. I’ll be reading this one, and then I think we should definitely talk about it. What do ya say? Want to read Oath of the Outcast with me and have a fun little book club meeting about it when we’re done? 🙂

The Overactive Imagination


As you may have already seen from the subject line…the cover for my newest book is heeeere!!! And I commissioned a map for the book and it’s also heeeeeere!!

Yes, I know the book was always real, but, GUYS! I just turned in the last edits on Saturday. I have a map. I have a cover. The pre-order stuff is live. It’s so hard to believe that this story is finally on its way to being a solid book and I can throw it, I mean share it, with everyone!

This book was a labor of love for 4 years for me before I finally typed the end. I had several existential crises during the edits. I survived. The tome that was originally submitted (and known as The Mountain Baron) to my publisher is now split into two books (a decision that we’re all happy with since it’s making…

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My Writing Journey

Who Deserves Presents on a Book’s Semi-birthday?

You do! Of course! Guess who is celebrating that six-month birthday? The Crux Anthology will be officially six months old as of May 26th, 2019, and for the whole rest of this month we'll be celebrating by giving away 250 free copies of the ebook version! If you just want to share this link and… Continue reading Who Deserves Presents on a Book’s Semi-birthday?

My Writing Journey

A Master’s Self Doubt

Gah! This, you guys. This. (and sometimes I just wish I was Nicholas Rossis. Seriously.)

Have a great weekend and keeping creating!

Nicholas C. Rossis

Once again, it was my friend, Krystallia, who alerted me to the awesome creativity of Melissa Ng (pronounced “Eng”), creator of Lumecluster–“where dreamers find courage.”

When I saw Melissa’s amazing designs, I knew I had to share.

But when I read her post, 2018 Year in Review: On almost giving up, I decided to do more than share her tale. I’d like to share mine, too.

Introducing Melissa

Melissa Ng | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Image:

Melissa Ng | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksMelissa Ng is the creative genius behind the Dreamer theme and style. She created to be a place where Dreamers can find the courage to push the boundaries of their imagination and overcome their fears and insecurities.

As a New York-based self-taught artist who started 3D printing in 2014, she combined a background in media and public relations with her experience as a small-business owner to create art.

Within less than a year in the 3D printing arena…

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My Writing Journey

The Beauty Thief

A kind and thoughtful review of The Beauty Thief to enjoy! Thank you. 🙂

Author Kevin Cooper

Magic is long dead in Twelve Realms, a peaceful kingdom where the dark arts were once as normal as the seasons. At least this is what most believed until the life of a princess becomes the obsession of a man who defies time by stealing the one thing that sustains his life: true beauty.

Princess Caityn is more than a pretty face. Her beauty runs soul deep, and because of this, her life is priceless to the thief. On the eve of her wedding to the high prince, Caityn is attacked by his powerful dark magic, leaving her a wretched hag with a soul so empty even she barely recognizes herself.

But it’s not too late. Her betrothed and a group of loyal knights might be able to save her from a living death, but it will take more than a kiss to rescue this princess. Love means sacrifice.


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