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Book Review: Frost, Winter’s Lonely Guardian by E. E. Rawls

Hello my friends! Eventually I’ll have to catch you up on what’s been happening in my life and try to explain my long absence from the blogosphere. But I haven’t disappeared altogether. You’ve seen me share about EE Rawls’ books in the past, and I continue to enjoy her magical, uplifting, twisty tales.

Frost, Winter’s Lonely Guardian


Book Blurb:

Frost, Winter Guardian and current resident of Boston. For centuries he’s watched over the winter seasons, feeling the steep toll of being in the world yet not being a part of it, of seeing families spend the holidays together, knowing that he can never do the same. He works alone, and time has made his heart grow callous.

Now, he longs to end his work and move on from this world. But for that, he must find a replacement…

In Concord, New Hampshire, seventeen-year-old Norah dreams of becoming an artist and making a better life for her and her little brother, Tim—one that’s free of their mom’s cruel boyfriend. While working to save up money, her life is suddenly turned upside down when she meets a handsome guy with snowflakes in his hair and frost glittering down his coat sleeves. He offers her his job, saying he’ll train her to become the next Winter Guardian.

This could solve her and Tim’s predicament… But there’s something Frost isn’t telling her—that to quit his job, his life must end—and secrets have a way of spilling into disasters, especially when feelings become involved, and weather demons are set loose. Can Norah break through Frost’s weary, stubborn heart? Especially before winter and Earth come to a destructive end?

A Jack Frost retelling and clean, sweet teen romance with a dash of humor!


Five stars

This is a quick read, a sweet romantic tale for sitting with a cup of tea or cocoa on a chilly day. I’m not as familiar with all the various versions of Jack Frost tellings as other lore, but I did enjoy E. E. Rawls’ new spin.

There are references to God as creator and Him having a plan for all creation, where–in this fictional tale–the two season Guardians are caretakers with a special job. But the story definitely focuses in on magical lore with an Irish fairytale flair. I think you’ve got enough of the story from the blurb, so I’ll just touch on a few more things here.

Frost has difficult themes of death and loss, a few scenes with references to verbal abuse (no swearing) and one that mentions an instance of phsycial abuse. All in all, E. E. Rawls handles these situations with care. And the book’s major themes center around healing, forgiveness and redemption.

I’d definitely recommend Frost, Winter’s Lonely Guardian to teens who enjoy Jack Frost retellings, a little snark (just good, fun humor), found family, a touch of sweet romance, and a good dose of icy magic and action!

Where to get your copy:


About the Author:

E.E. Rawls is the product of a traveling family, who even lived in Italy for 6 years. She loves exploring the unknown, whether it be in a forest, inside a forgotten castle, or within the pages of a book. She runs on coffee, cuddly cats and the beauty of nature to keep the story wheels of her mind turning as she writes stories with immersive world-building and misfit characters you’ll grow to love, who strive to overcome the odds stacked against them (with a dash of humor thrown in)!


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