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New Book! New Interview! Meet Emily Hayse & The Rivers Lead Home (& Other Stories)

Here the year 2020 is coming nearer its close, and I've had the privilege of sharing some great new books with you over the months! That trend is not stopping yet! This has definitely been a good year for books, if nothing else. Wouldn't you agree? Well, Emily Hayse, author of Seventh City & The… Continue reading New Book! New Interview! Meet Emily Hayse & The Rivers Lead Home (& Other Stories)

My Writing Journey

New Release! Come Marching Home by Hazel West

I have been away from the blogosphere for over a month now! I know I post even less often than that anymore it seems, but I hope you're all doing well. I plan on coming back later this month and actually getting my head back in the game. BUT, now that that business is settled,… Continue reading New Release! Come Marching Home by Hazel West

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Book Review of Beast of the Night by E.E. Rawls

Where to start? Well, I'll begin by saying this will be a spoiler-free review. That's nice, right?! First, I have to share the book and cover. It's beautiful, a lovely reflection of the quirky Beauty and the Beast retelling that lies within. Beast of the Night is a lovely retelling of Beauty and the… Continue reading Book Review of Beast of the Night by E.E. Rawls

My Writing Journey

Microsoft Word Actually Being Useful in Self-Editing

Word is where I do most of my initial writing and editing, and there are still little treasures I keep learning about, like this one shared by my talented, humorous, and generous friend, Roger.

Writing Despite Computers and Programmes

Editing. Outside assistance

I have to be one of the world’s worst in this department of the writing process. People finding mistakes in my spelling or syntax or questioning punctuation is bad enough. When anyone suggests even in the most friendlies of tones that there could be improvements in a character or plot line then hopefully visible warning beacons start to flash and they will drop the subject. Should someone be unwise enough to try and be critical then if they are lucky they just get the cold treatment. As my wife says ‘You’ll not be told’.And I won’t.

Except in the case of one short-story (unfamiliar ground for me) where without the valuable help and patience of Rachael Ritchley the story would have never flown.

Visit Rachael’s site. It’s a treasure trove for writers of Fantasy and Rachael does not only write YA Fantasy she creates the most…

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My Writing Journey

Melody of Memories #BlogBattle: FLUTE

Nothing could be more irritating than Cos's terrible playing. Nothing. No, not even the honking of old lady Gleason's pet goose was as bad. Jemma looked at the sky in askance. "Please, Lord, let him learn to play that thing, or for my sanity, let that flute find a home at the bottom of the… Continue reading Melody of Memories #BlogBattle: FLUTE