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We love to have new people join the #BlogBattle!

Below are links directly to the blogbattle stories on the various battler’s pages.

(Battlers: If you want to add a different photo, please email me: writingraci@gmail.com)

img 5 Your Host: Rachael Ritchey

hughes Nicholas Hughes – In My Mind, This Is All Connected blog

IMG_2419 Lucy M. – BlondeWriteMore blog

 E. Rawls – V. Chronicles blog/website

 PhoenixGrey85 – Reader, Writer, Dreamer blog

January2015 Tess – How the Cookie Crumbles blog/website

 Candice Coates – I came for the soup blog/website

Claire B Claire M. Banschbach – The Overactive Imagination blog

Carrie Ann Carrie Ann – Anniehow blog

John H John T. M. Herres – The Velah blog/website

Andrew S Andrew Budek-Schmeisser – Blessed Are the Pure of Heart blog/website

 Lauren Gunter – Making the Novel a Better Place blog

Sarah Brentyn Sarah Brentyn – Lemon Shark Reef blog

 Kristin Kristin – Pursuit of a New Adventure  blog

BeatonM Beaton M – Becoming the Muse blog

David David W. – Son Worshiper blog

Cathleen T Cathleen Townsend  website/blog

S Farnell Simon Farnell – Universe of Possibilities blog


Battlers of the past . . . (maybe some day they’ll return)

jamerkel J.A. Merkel – Worlds Apart, The Series website/blog

chicprune Indian Macgyver (Chic Prune) – Dependability’s Sexy blog

Darren S. Darren Scanlon – The Pen and the Page blog/website

Sarah C. Sarah Colliver – My Life . . . blog

Marnie S Marnie Schroer


Brian B Brian C. Baer

Jahaira Jahaira –   Figuring It Out Mommy blog

Kima Prince Kima Prince –  He Has Plans blog/website

the plauged parent The Plagued Parent blog/website

Smile Potato Michael H.


 Marje – Kyrosmagica blog

Melissa B Melissa Barker-Simpson – blog/website

Orana Velarde Orana Velarde  – Crazy Little Family Adventure blog

Tracey D Tracey D – What’s for dinner, Doc? website/blog

MsToy Ms Toy Whisperer – Ms Toy Whisperer blog

solveig 2 Solveig Werner blog


Erin Kenobi Erin Kenobi – The Upstairs Archives blog

Seana B Seana – This Blog is Like Other Blogs blog

Sofia – Currently Loving Simplicity blog

elizabeth lemon chronicle Elizabeth Mclaughlin – Lemon Chronicle blog

miss mona Miss Monablog

20140601_142851 Karl G –  Ssenlrak blog





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