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Things people are saying on Amazon:

Great dialogue throughout. Intriguing plot. Waiting for the next in the series!

-Judy G.

This book is very well-written and the story-line is unique and absorbing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Beauty Thief, and wish the next book was available already!

-Wednesday Girl

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I was captivated by the story and how expertly it was told. I hated to put it down and would take any and every chance I got to read even the tiniest bit!

-Jennifer Y.

This is a really fantastic book, all the more amazing because it’s the first novel that the author has written. An adventure set in another land that tips its hat to Lewis, Tolkien and little Rowling, it’s a book that grip you by the seat of you pants and drags you along.


This book carries such an important message for today’s young people. Not only is it a lovely story, but this tale encourages and challenges teens to consider where true beauty comes from and where they should be seeking it. Recommended for teens and tweens both!

-Lisa Jacobson

I found it a very good read. Easy to follow and descriptions make it easy to imagine the characters and scenery.

-Rheva Turner

Great read! I love that it took me to a far away land with such strong and real characters!

-Leilani S.

This book really captured my attention! The descriptive scenes and developing plot kept me turning the page well into the night. There are few books that have me as gripped as The Beauty Thief. My two teenage daughters loved it as well, and we can’t wait for the next one in the series.

-J. Kuhn

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