Hello! It’s a pleasure to have you here.

Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the wowiweb (I am far too lazy to type world wide web, and besides, it’s fun to say wo-wi-web in my head. :) ).  Is it already obvious I have an offbeat sense of humor? I hope no matter your own, you’ll stick around!

On this site you will find my blog, information about my books and me, along with other people and things I find worthwhile.

Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section of my blog or by email.

You can always contact me by email: writingraci@gmail.com

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And I’m available on Twitter @RachaelRitchey and Facebook WritingRaci, too.

In the mean time, enjoy a perusal of my variety show called a blog!

My first book, The Beauty Thiefis NOW available!

It is the first title in my series called The Chronicles of the Twelve Realms. The genre is YA fantasy fiction. I would consider all my writing to be no more than PG-13 in content. My hope is that you’ll not only be curious but that you’ll read and enjoy each story I write.

BT for fun

Between January and April of 2014, I wrote the original manuscript for The Beauty Thief. I then self-edited several times before enlisting the help of a few smart women I know to clean up the grammar and give valuable feedback on the story.

I sent the manuscript to my independent editor, Susan Hughes, in mid-November. She worked through it with great diligence and returned it to me at the beginning of January, 2015. It was ready for final editing. This book has been combed over and smoothed out. I have taken great care in making sure The Beauty Thief is not only a sweet tale, but that it also looks and feels professional from the cover, to the formatting, to the writing itself.

The entire writing-a-fiction-novel process has been a huge leap into the dark for me. And trust me, I’m not one to leap without looking. Just ask my husband. Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true, but for most things I deliberate a great deal. Once I take a leap, though, I dive in and give my best. You could say, I’m only in if I’m all in.

IMG_20150112_224025I’ve learned countless new things about the art of writing fiction, blogging, social media, new computer programs, publishing, e-publishing, cover design, and even myself. For instance, I knew I had a tendency to be highly focused when working on a project (especially artistic), but writing and editing my writing have made it abundantly clear that I’m on a subway, in a tunnel, every time I’m in the writing zone. I cannot get off just anywhere.

 email: writingraci@gmail.com

 Twitter @RachaelRitchey and Facebook WritingRaci, too.

Again, welcome to my variety show called a blog!

25 thoughts on “Hello! It’s a pleasure to have you here.

  1. Thanks for following me. I am following you back, you had me at wowiweb (and your book genre). Although I’m not of YA age anymore, I like fantasy stuff. Look forward to reading more of your blog.

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  2. I bought your book when I was visiting my daughter Stephanie in Spokane. I never write but i wanted you to know that iloved your book and couldn’t put it down! It is so wonderful to find an author who has high moral standards and it kept my interest the whole entire time. I am going to pass your name to my friends and their teenagers. The only thing I don’t like is having to wait until the next book comes out. I would have gone out and bought it already. I can’t hardly wait! You are so very talented!! Thanks for sharing your talent.
    Carol-Lynn Kiilsgaard

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    • It was such a pleasure meeting you at the talent contest, Carol-Lynn! Your kindness that night will forever be etched in my memory. I will always laugh about how I flubbed on my signature when I signed it. You just took it in stride and without having read the book you were already so encouraging! haha When I’ve got the second book done, I’ll be sure to let you know (possibly through your daughter :) ). You are so very kind! Thank you for sharing my book with your friends. It means so much to me to have your support, Carol-Lynn! <3


  3. You have such a beautiful feeling to your page. Love the flowers in the background. And I could immediately tell that you took time and care to self-publish The Beauty Thief. Nice title and cover! I did the same thing. I took forever to get my debut novel, A Cry From The Deep, in shape, and self-published last October. I put it through a number of beta readers, a macro editor, copy editor and even so I proof read it a number of times before I was pleased. I also hired a book cover designer and formatter before I published through CreateSpace. Hope you’re happy with how it’s all gone. It’s quite the journey, isn’t it?

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    • It is a journey! Sometimes it feels daunting, but with each baby step through the process I felt a little less fearful and hesitant. After each pass, I feel more confident. Thank you for your comment! I’d love to hear more about A Cry from the Deep. I looked you up on Google’s blogger.com and am now following you on g+ :) Your cover looks amazing. Is there anything you’d do differently next time?


      • Thanks Rachael for checking me out. I’ll do the same on Google’s blogger.com.

        Thanks for your comments on my cover. Re: doing anything different next time, I don’t know. I wish I would’ve published earlier, but at the same time, my life is very full, so it is what it is. You can get more info. on A CRY FROM THE DEEP from my Book page on my blog. http://www.dianastevan.com/a-cry-from-the-deep/

        Now I’m seeking trad. publishers for my other two books, which are complete. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll self-pub. again. I was A good experience, thanks to my critique group, the professional help I got with editing, etc., as well as to the readers who read my book beforehand.

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    • I downloaded Scrivener, and it has made formatting for epub a lot easier, but it didn’t quite do everything I need for formatting to paperback. I’m learning to appreciate all the little-used functionality of Word. I have also spent a ton of time in Corel PaintShop, which I enjoy. Scrivener is helpful with some basic formatting. I’ve heard of another one for ebooks I’m curious about called PressBooks (it’s by WordPress!). For paperback, I’ve also heard of, but not experienced, a program called Book Design Wizard. I’m tempted to purchase that one because the templates for Createspace are not as user-friendly as one would like! :)

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      • Thanks for the tips! My experience has so far been with Word (because I already have it and it’s cheaper) but my next book is going to be more complicated with artwork inside it. I hear Indesign is the best, but it’s a bit pricey. The Book Design Wizard sounds interesting though. If you try it out, let me know how you like it :)

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          • All I know is what people have either told me or written in articles. I have a friend who is taking a college course this semester to learn about it, which is cool. Hopefully I can gather more insight from her!
            Indesign let’s you easily and beautifully create your own ebooks and design interiors for paperback. Especially useful if you have a lot of images or artwork in your book. But the program takes time to learn, it’s not something you can do quickly. The only downside seems to be: time is needed to learn and the program is expensive.

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