My Very Own Seafaring Ballad!

I wrote this part in Captive Hope which called for a pirate sing-along.

No really. These pirates enjoy singing. They are masters of the sea shanty, but a ballad will sneak into the repertoire every now and again. So, I left that part of the story empty while deliberating the song I must choose. I thought about incorporating a classic, but decided to write my own. I got inspiration for the tune/rhythm of  the ballad from a song I love, though. I wonder if anyone can figure it out…

Here’s the seafaring ballad I wrote for my book. Tell me what you think of it!

Sea’s Call

The bonny lass, she breached my soul

Took from me every thought of sea

She was so sweet, my heart she stole

Ripped from my chest with ne’er a thought

I loved her deep, as all could go

But ocean swells, I longed to row

I left my lass, back on the shore

She was my heart, the sea my call


We sailed the tides and we did roam

Traveled the seas and took our time

But O my soul, it was at home

Back with the lass who’d stole my heart

I dared not think about that gal

Or send my lads to death and hell

For we were naught, but in a storm

Caught by the waves of Triton’s lore


As Death called out my very name

I could not think but of my dame

If I had stayed at home with her

I would not know the price of fame

Here it is set to a tune inspired by “In Christ Alone”

5 responses to “My Very Own Seafaring Ballad!”

  1. Reblogged this on Rachael Ritchey and commented:

    As we come closer to publishing Captive Hope, I wanted to share the sea shanty I wrote for the book again. I made a quick video for it, too. 🙂


  2. afternoonofsundries Avatar

    Nice! Inspired! I wish I could say I knew the melody, my brain just picked one out and I know it’s wrong!

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    1. Thanks for the links to the pirate shanties! It was really helpful and gave me lots of inspiration to write my own. The website was also a fantastic launching point for finding all kind of piratey information! I find myself wanting to throw a whole bunch of it in to the story. haha I must refrain! I am NOT writing a HOW TO BE A PIRATE manual. ha! 🙂 Thank you!

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      1. afternoonofsundries Avatar

        Lol I’m so glad I actually helped!

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