Q&A #8: From Author E. Rawls

A fresh week, a new question! Yay! Thanks, E. Rawls for your thoughtful inquiry into the depths of my writing brain.

Author and blogging friend, E. Rawls asked:

Hi Rachael! My question: What is the funniest thing you have ever written?

Oh, Ms. Rawls! You have come to the crux of it! I have never written a funny thing in my life . . . at least not that I recall. You see, my sense of humor tends to run along these lines:


What I find amusing is not always translatable for the written word. Or maybe that’s just a cop-out. I laugh at as much as is humanly possible, where ever possible, but I add very little to the written world of Humorous Content. In my stories, I try to add a little comedic relief, but sadly, if I try too hard it ends up falling flat.

Actually, I came across this on Pinterest under humor and quotes:

embarassing moment

I think I’m hilarious, but I don’t know how to translate that into my writing.

I’d love to writing something funny, but I have as yet to understand the intricate art of written humor. Want to help a girl out?! 

What is the funniest thing you’ve ever written?

How does one write ‘Funny’?

Thanks, E. Rawls, for the question! Sorry I don’t have any grandiose humor to share, but now you know my shame. It’s true, my funny bone is punny (get it? Like puny but PUNny…*sigh*). 🙂

10 responses to “Q&A #8: From Author E. Rawls”

  1. Rachael, I am writing about my life of 78 years. NOW, THAT’S FUNNY!

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    1. I’m sure there’s plenty of funny bits! Really, I’m sure! I was there for some of them. 🙂 I think it’s awesome that you are chronicling all of life you can recall through the past 78 years! That is a feat in an of itself!


  2. I’ve tried to be funny, let me know if I’m successful or not 😀

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    1. I found that hopelessly amusing! Not being a cat-person myself (allergic), I find most cat jokes are well worth the effort. 🙂 I enjoy your sense of humor!

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      1. skinnyandsingle Avatar

        Aww thank you, that is awesome

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  3. Lol! You must be funny because you sure made me laugh reading this XD. Yeah, I can make myself laugh, but it’s a challenge to make others laugh through writing. Maybe it’s time we start practicing! (btw, nice pun at the end 😉 hehe 😀 )

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    1. Well! I can’t say as I even tried all that hard. 🙂 Thanks! Practice = work. Not my favorite, but usually worth it. 🙂 Yes, I should practice, but can I beg you to always tell me when my humor doesn’t translate? (Hehe! Thanks for “getting it!” 😀 )

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      1. Haha! Yes! I shall come over there and slap you with a fish when something doesn’t make sense 😀 🙂

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        1. The rest of me, he says, “You’ll be getting slapped with a fish a lot.” Hehe

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          1. I may need to be slapped too! I’m laughing at my own jokes on this post I just wrote XD lol.

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