4 Leaf Clover #BlogBattle

Lucky If You Can Find It


I lie in the clover, my nose pressed into the dewy dampness. My brother already gave up and went home. He and I are as different as night and day when it comes to such things.

I am tenacious, and today my superstitious side is rearing its pretty head. I call it pretty because even though I don’t really believe in such things, I do love the idea of them . . . you know, lucky rabbit’s feet and whatnot.

Winter has only just decided to take its leave, but the clover never waits long to spring up after the snow melts and the bone chilling winter winds die down.  I only hope Mother isn’t cross with me for lying in the mushy aftermath of winter in my Sunday best.

Darn these glasses! Always slipping down my nose. At least they help me see. Although, when I’m this close to what I’m examining I could likely go without.

“Sylvie, it’s time to come home,” my brother calls from down the hill.

“Just a minute! I feel the luck getting closer!” I yell back, my vision plastered to the blanket of clover scant inches from my face. I’m certain I will be permanently cross-eyed.

“Ma says come now, Sylvie!”

Grrrr! I’m so close. I know it. But Mother won’t let me eat dinner if I don’t come when she calls.

I push myself over onto my back, smashing my beloved green, growing carpet on the cliff. My head is pillowed in the softness. The tendrils of clover tickle my ears.

“So close,” I murmur to myself as the cool ocean breeze slips over my prone body. I mush my palms down into the verdant clover on either side of me and cannot mistake the earthy scent released in tandem with the oozing of fluid from the tiny crushed plants.

A trifle contrite, I say, “I suppose it’s possible I’ve just squished my luck.”

I’d like to find a four-leaf clover, but the rainbow arching through the clouds above my head will have to be my beautiful piece of luck for the day.  “It will do for now, but don’t be mistakin’ me, Four-Leaf Clover, my friend. I will find you . . . tomorrow.”

I stand in the midst of the clover field and admire the imprint left by my body. Twenty-five years on the search, and I still make a good clover angel.

Ma is going to tell me to keep looking, like she always does.


20 responses to “4 Leaf Clover #BlogBattle”

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  2. Great story. Poor clover getting squished. 😦 I thought the glasses were a nice touch. And I’m kind of irritated that I managed to miss this. Did I read right up above that the next one will be Thursday? Which is today, actually, isn’t it?

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    1. That’ll teach me to be behind with reading my blogs. :/

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    2. Never fear! The next #BlogBattle is set for next Tuesday. There is another post about it here somewhere. The theme is Side Tabe. Same rules! I’m excited you want to join in. 🙂

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      1. Looking forward to it!

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  4. Love this! I like the descriptive words you used. That clover sounds so fun to roll in right now ^_^ I want to make clover angels 😀

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    1. Me, too, and I’m OLD! haha 🙂

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      1. Hahaaa! Come on, you’re not that old (says the person who complains about getting older every birthday). If we keep doing young and fun things, it’ll keep us young forever! ^_^

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        1. AND, we can continue to live vicariously through our characters after our bodies have started to fail us. 🙂

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  5. Yea you beat me! Well done my friend! Loved it 🙂


    1. Silly girl. Yours was better. You made me laugh.

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      1. Let’s do more of these! A lot of fun!

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        1. I have a whole list! When should we start the next one?


          1. Let’s do them weekly. Maybe announce next week’s battle at the end of the week. Battle on a Tuesday sort of thing

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            1. Sounds good! I’ll post next week’s theme on Thursday when I announce this week’s winner! 🙂

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            2. Cool – let’s keep it going – it’s like a regular work out for us writers 🙂

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            3. Happy to support 🙂

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