Bludgeon #BlogBattle Winner is . . .

We had another week of creative stories! Every story had a different spin on the word bludgeon, but every one captured something special! I’m relieved to announce that Nicholas Hughes, my very good author friend, did all the picking of a winner this week! I definitely don’t enjoy that part, but I do love all the stories and the idea of competing each week! Thanks for doing the judging, Nick!


Starting with next Tuesday’s SILVER story, I will be making a blog post including all the stories submitted, adding a “POLL” for all the participants (PREVIOUS & CURRENT) to cast their vote! Everyone who participates needs to vote by Friday 7:00 AM PST. Whoever gets the most votes will be that week’s winner.

I’m going to announce a little differently this week and share all the story links first. 🙂

Now, let’s move on to this weeks super-duper talented winner!

. . .


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Article taken from ‘The Warrior Times’ newspaper



For years warriors have believed that there is only one way to kill a balding long toothed ogre. The warrior arms his or herself with a huge wooden club and attempts to bludgeon the ogre to death. This is normally carried out whilst the ogre is asleep as warriors prefer a surprise attack.

The trouble with the bludgeoning method is that a balding long toothed ogre will dramatically increase in size when he gets angry or feels threatened. The speed at which this type of ogre can grow, after the first strike of the warrior’s club, is quite astonishing. The bludgeoning approach inevitably leads to the now giant ogre picking up the frightened warrior and swallowing them whole, including their weapons.

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That was so much fun! Thank you all for sharing your stories!

EVERYONE: Please consider joining our #BlogBattles! They are fun and the rules are simple. We’d love to have you share. Next week’s story theme is SILVER (click here to read about it).

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