Riley Meets Silver Surfer

Okay, so all my kids have caught the writing bug. My seven-year old wrote a story for the #BlogBattle: Silver, but he forgot to save the file before he went to bed and lost it. He was really upset by this, so I offered to type it up for him while he told me the story. While I did change the wording a tad and helped him with dialog a little bit, it is entirely his story. I did not suggest the word rampage, either. He came up with that all on his own.

Welcome to my son’s vivid imagination!

I was out in the wilderness, alone, when I heard Silver Surfer come over. I was singing Silver Bells, wondering what to do about my jeep.

Silver Surfer said, “Stop singing and listen!”

I stopped singing right away because I wanted to listen to what he had to say.

“I was playing baseball with Human Torch,” Silver Surfer said. At that moment, Human Torch came over. “While we were playing baseball we heard a jeep break down. I can fix it.” He gestured to his friend and said, “Riley, meet Human Torch.”

“Hi,” Riley said.

“Hi, Riley,” Human Torch replied. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to clean up the game.”

Human Torch flew back to the baseball field, and Silver Surfer went to work fixing my jeep. While Human Torch was gone, Silver Surfer got all the oil out of the engine.

“I’ll pour the oil into the right place,” Human Torch offered when he got back.

“Thanks, guys!” Riley exclaimed.

“No problem,” Silver Surfer said. “Now, let me tell you which way to go.” He gave me directions to get home. “Drive safe!”

I started my jeep. It purred like a kitten! My foot pressed the gas pedal all the way down, and I went one thousand miles per hour!

When I got home, I wasn’t surprised to see Galactis waiting on my front porch. Human Torch and Silver Surfer threw me in chemicals to give me super powers so I could help them battle Galactis.

Then when we defeated Galactis and sent him to the Negative Zone, we found out he had babies.

The giant babies were rampaging through the town, eating houses and drinking all the milk. The babies had minions who fed them things from the N. Z. After we captured them, we sent them to the Negative Zone, too.

Galactis’ wife showed up and tried to shove us into the Negative Zone. Thankfully, Silver Surfer caught me before I fell in. We captured the wife and sent her to the N.Z.

The End

By Riley age 7

18 responses to “Riley Meets Silver Surfer”

  1. What a marvelous boy you have! Well done, Riley. You have a wonderful imagination. Awesome story.

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    1. Haha did you mean the play on words? Marvel superheroes and marvelous? 🙂 Thank you. He will love that you enjoyed his story! 🙂


      1. Indeed. That’s what crossed my mind as I hit the Send button. A total fluke. Not before.

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  2. Well done, Riley. He’s got all of Marvel in there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 He loves Marvel Super Heroes. He also loves Power Rangers, but he got teased at school about them, so he has decided not to like them any more. They fight for good and protect the world just like the others, though. Ah well, I still think he’s one of the coolest kids on the planet.

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      1. I’ve got Marvel comics going back to the seventies, so I’m with Riley 🙂

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        1. He’ll appreciate that, and I’m sure he’d LOVE to see your comic collection!


  3. Looking forward to the full story and his illustrations! 🙂 Wow, he thinks up better stories than I did when I was his age. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He will be excited to know you want to see them. 🙂 He’s been an imaginative storyteller since he could talk. I had to have him back up and explain the story to me in a couple places, but we worked through it. He gets so animated when he tells stories. My other soon wrote a Blonde story for next week. They are such great kids.

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      1. So cute! You are a family full of writers! 😀 Can’t wait for the Blonde 🙂

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  4. Good Job, Riley. I liked your story a lot.

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    1. Thank you! I will tell him! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Raphaela! I’ll let him know you think so! 🙂 He’ll be very pleased. After he finished he explained that this is just the beginning of the story and he plans to illustrate it next. haha


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