Marnie S. Interview – Blonde #BlogBattle Winner

As you all know, Marnie S. won #BlogBattle Week 6: BLONDE with her creative and apropos short story, The Joke’s On You. Now we get to have the fun of learning more about this week’s winner. Marnie was gracious enough to answer a few deep, highly personal questions for us!
So . . . Marnie,
1) What is your favorite food? Why?
Β Peanut butter, because you can add peanut butter to anything and make it seem healthier–cookies, candy, shakes. “Oh it has peanut butter? Well, at least you’re getting some protein.”
Of course! I am a particular fan of that phrase. Peanut butter can also be consumed on a spoon, all by its lonesome and sometimes cover in chocolate chips. πŸ˜€
2) What/who originally inspired you to start writing stories for fun? Do you remember the first short story you ever wrote ‘just because’?
Β I actually set a New Year’s Resolution (which I almost never do) to read a little less and write a little more this year. I’ve been looking for opportunity, but I haven’t written fiction in years so I pretty much think the blame lies with my wife, who inspires me in all things, and you and Karl who are so warm and encouraging.
Well, that’s very kind of you! It’s always a pleasure (I speak for myself, anyway) to encourage. It’s doubly wonderful to spur others on in their creativity. Good job for working on that New Year’s Resolution. I’m allergic to them myself. *ahem*
3) If a bulbous, orange alien told you that he would give you the ability to jump over tall buildings and cover long distances so that you could travel without needing a vehicle but you had to give up the ability to read and write, would you take his offer? Why or why not?
Absolutely not. Leaving aside the allure (and economic incentive) of being able to read and write, I grew up in Wyoming. Traveling long distances in a vehicle is in my blood. (Also, I suspect it’s easy to turn down a bulbous orange alien. A lithe green one might be a different story.)
I could see how the ability to read and write could outweigh the advantage of super human jumping capabilities, especially when that dubious skill is being offered by the shifty, not so lithe, bulbous, orange alien. Good choice!
Marnie, thanks so much for joining our #BlogBattle community, sharing your creative spirit, and answering our completely random questions! It has been a pleasure!

Click here to be redirected to the #BlogBattle main page if you are interested in participating. We would love to have you join. This is becoming a community of blogging, tweeting, encouraging friends.

13 thoughts on “Marnie S. Interview – Blonde #BlogBattle Winner”

  1. Nice job winning the battle, Marnie!
    Oh and Rachael, I kept looking on your blog to see who won, but couldn’t find it until now. Where should I be looking to see who the winner is each week?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, okay! For some reason my brain didn’t register that the page also showed the winner and not only the interview, lol. I must say it amazes me how you find time for the Blog Battle event every week. Keep up the good work, blogging buddy!

        Liked by 1 person

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