Cosmic by Grant #BlogBattle 7

#BlogBattle Week 7 Theme: Cosmic



One day there were two friends. Their names were Oliver and Rex. They were planning to go swimming together on Saturday with their families.

It was Saturday, and they were in a plane.

Is it time to jump?” Rex asked.

Nope,” said Oliver.

Rex couldn’t wait anymore and jumped. Oliver followed. He was excited and nervous because it was fun to jump out of a plane.

Oliver caught up to Rex and yelled, “I think we jumped at the wrong spot!”

I think so, too!”

Oliver could tell Rex was thrilled and that he didn’t care much until he realized they weren’t wearing any parachutes.

* * *

The pilot looked back to see Rex and Oliver were not there anymore, so he turned the plane around to look for them.

He munched on his sandwich until he found them. He sent the plane diving toward the boys and threw their parachutes to them.

* * *

Oliver and Rex caught the parachutes and strapped them on their backs.

This was cosmic,” Rex announced.

Yeah, if you’re crazy!”

They pulled on the strings and their parachutes opened. They saw what they could have plunged into. Below them was a mountain covered in spiky rocks.

Rex and Oliver turned their chutes toward the water and landed safely. The pilot met them on the water.

What you just did was cosmic!” the pilot blurted then threw candy and confetti at them.

by Grant age 9

Copyright 2015 Grant G. All Rights Reserved


15 responses to “Cosmic by Grant #BlogBattle 7”

  1. You are a clever young man with a wonderful imagination. This story is delightful and I enjoyed the playfulness. 🙂

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  2. I laughed, out loud, at this ending and gave a round of sincere applause! I enjoyed that the pilot was eating a sandwich and I really loved the confetti at the end. 🙂

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    1. He and I were laughing, too, while he was writing this one.

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      1. The young man is off to a brilliant writing career. 🙂 Oh, off the subject, but I think what I have decided to do with Hank and Claire’s story is to use next Tuesday’s word and see what comes from it for this pending part 2 of libations.

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        1. 🙂 LOVE! 🙂 & Thank you!

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  3. “He munched on his sandwich until he found them.” Nice! 😉 *throws more confetti* Great job, Grant!

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    1. *dances around in confetti* 🙂

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  4. Ooh, candy. 🙂 Another good story. I like the plane doing diving through the sky. Sounds a bit like an action movie.

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    1. Grant does love a good action scene. When not otherwise occupied, he and his brother try to act then out across the entire house! Haha

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      1. Hm. I remember doing some of that as a child myself. Things tended to get broken…

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        1. It’s a good thing I’m not a knick-knacky person!

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  5. My favorite part is the confetti and candy. 🙂


    1. He was laughing at himself when he wrote it. haha


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