Cosmic: A Fan-Fiction (Dr. Who) by Kass #BlogBattle 7

#BlogBattle Week 7 theme: Cosmic

Cosmic: a fan-fiction (Doctor Who #10)

I had been fretting all week about my story. The word was cosmic. My mom had been bothering me all week about it.

“You’ve got to write your cosmic story, you’ve got to write your cosmic story,” she sang. I didn’t remember the rest of what she sang. When I asked, she was all, “write your cosmic storeeeeeeee!” in her ‘opera voice’. Well here it is mom, my cosmic story. ((Mom: I LOVE THIS GIRL))

Cosmic (inconceivably vast)

Inconceivable! I thought to myself, sitting in English class. “Cosmic; unimaginably vast,” my teacher, Mrs. Lind explained. I hate spelling tests, but this word made me think of something I experienced not long ago. In fact, it was the summer of my fifteenth birthday.

I heard a groaning, wheezing sound coming from behind me. I turned around and saw a box, an old police box that just appeared. I inched toward it, not wanting to be in the woods any longer. I had ‘lost’ my hiking group in the middle of nowhere. A man stepped out; he was wearing a long tan overcoat and converses.

“I am the Doctor,” he said. My jaw dropped open. My mother, Martha Jones, had told me fairy tales about a man who called himself The Doctor.

Martha?” He questioned.

My mother?”

He looked disappointed, but smiled and asked, “have you heard of me?”

I nodded.

“Would you like a ride?” I nodded again and stepped into what I thought to be the TARDIS.

I heard a strange language coming from the speaker. “Allonsy!” I toppled to the floor, he opened the door, and I peeked over his shoulder just to see an empty hallway. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the Tardis.

Suddenly, a metal can rolled around the corner. It glanced at the doctor and screeched “You are the Doctor! You are the enemy of the Daleks! Exterminate! Exterminate!”

He pulled out something that looked like a pen. I stared in disbelief. “You are defending us with that?!”

“I know, it could be a little more sonic,” he replied. He pointed it at what I now realized to be a Dalek.


The tin can exploded, sparking sparks everywhere. We ran for it, and Ten dragged me into the TARDIS. As I stepped out and said fare-well I saw my mother there her mouth open. WooshWheeWooshwee the TARDIS disappeared.

“How was your day?” my mother asked, finally returned to earth.

“Fine” I replied. “Have you ever noticed how cosmic the Tardis is?”


For Whovians, my very first fan-fiction.

Kassi G.

Copyright 2015 Kassi G. All Rights Reserved


33 thoughts on “Cosmic: A Fan-Fiction (Dr. Who) by Kass #BlogBattle 7”

  1. well i wanted to like this post, but it won’t let me. there must be something cosmically wrong here! i too am a dr who fan who only watches via netflix. so despite what the doctor may say, it is a small world after all.

    p.s. i actually got around to reading a number of the posts which makes me happy. see you on tuesday.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I loved Matt Smith although I, like most, had to ease into him. But I was devastated when he left. BUT I think Peter Capaldi is a better fit for Clara Oswald as I felt like she was a poor rebound from the loss of the Ponds’s.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh rats! Well, not having regular television isn’t a bad thing, but I think netflix is not going to be carrying BBC shows like Doctor Who anymore. I read something a while back on it but I never heard the conclusion. Alas, the library generally caries copies of the series I believe so all is not lost 😀

            Liked by 1 person

            1. That’s a big POOOOO on Netflix if that’s the case. I’m a BBC addict. I love my BBC Masterpiece PBS Classic Novels made into miniseries! 😦 I also love DR Who. 😦 😦 I hope that doesn’t happen. So far he’s still available.

              Liked by 1 person

            2. Hopefully they have turned from their wicked ways, and worked out whatever issue had arisen between them. And should that be the case, then there will be no need for Pooing on them 😛

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  2. Not a Doctor Who fan (though I am tempted to watch it and see what all the fuss is abuot ) but I still enjoyed the story. I like the pen that could be a bit more sonic. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I accidentally clicked the little down hand. I can’t seem to get it to remove. Oops! Anyway, you should give it a shot. 🙂 that sonic pen is actually a sonic screwdriver. The Doctor doesn’t use a gun and his screwdriver is very useful for opening just about anything as well as being sonic. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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