Madness by Chloe (a late but welcome) #BlogBattle

Chloe, my best friend’s daughter who happens to be my daughter’s best friend, is joining the #BlogBattle as part of her homework! 🙂 Her entry is too late for judging this week, but I was sure you’d like to read it anyway!

Thanks for joining, my young, aspiring author friend!

Madness by Chloe

Madness — it clothes us in something we can’t control. It drives our lives into a deep, dirty, ditch of emptiness. It is very possible that we will struggle with this predicament in many circumstances. Emptiness can slowly turn into anger if we’re not careful. It’s true. Even though our souls crave for the flavor of madness, we can fight it with something more powerful: love — God’s love. Using His strength to fight the madness that dwells within us is the only way to strip it from our inner being.

2015 Copyright Chloe All Rights Reserved

9 responses to “Madness by Chloe (a late but welcome) #BlogBattle”

    1. Chloe is 12, like my daughter. They are quite the pair, these two young ladies! 🙂

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      1. Yes they are and filled with profound wisdom!

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  1. Very deep thinking.

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  2. A powerful piece. I like short and sweet. ❤

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  3. phoenixgrey85 Avatar

    Short and sweet. A well-expressed opinion.

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  5. This is beautiful, Chloe! Yes, only God’s strength can fight the madness and cleanse us. His love is the strongest of all. ❤

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