The Bun by Sydney #BlogBattle 9: Bun

by Sydney age 9

Buns are usually used with hot dogs. Buns by themselves are good. Buns are made of bread. I have buns at home. Buns are so yummy.

LOL!!!! (Can you tell this was a school assignment? HA! HA!!!!)

16 thoughts on “The Bun by Sydney #BlogBattle 9: Bun”

          1. If I was running for president, all I would need is the determined Mrs. Ritchey on my side going through the country and convincing people to vote for me 🙂 I would win for sure!

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            1. Is it asking a lot? Could you start my campaign like tomorrow? *even though E. knows Rachael is super busy and up to her neck in school trips and book signings* ;D Hehehehe 😉


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