Interview with Carrie Ann, Loop #BlogBattle Winner

Carrie AnnHi Carrie Ann! Thanks for making the trip here from Anniehow to have a little chat with me! I appreciate it. We are so happy for your win of last week’s #BlogBattle. Loop was an interesting word, and the way you used it brought tears to my eyes. I hope if any of our guests haven’t read it they’ll pop on over to your blog and take a gander.

As a new winner, we’d love to find out more about you! So, I have a few questions to pepper you with if that’s all right.

I would love to answer some interview questions.

Great! Let’s get started!

1) You’re a mom and you know what it’s like to explain things in more than one way. It’s something most moms must learn out of necessity. So, in the easiest way you can, explain to us why you enjoy writing stories.

All my kids draw very well. So using that example I would say I enjoy writing stories because for me that’s how I create a picture, not by using lines and colors but by using words, and just like a beautiful picture can make people smile, so can a well written story.

What a wonderful and simple explanation! Thank you, Carrie Ann. I think you’ve used your words to paint a lovely picture for us in your stories as well as your explanation.

2) If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be? Why?

One thing I’d change is, I would have my very own bathroom, preferably one way up on the third floor in the north corner (like my house is that huge, lol).  That way maybe I could get a few minutes to myself. *:) happy

Oh! That is a dream! A lovely, wonderful, far off, unattainable dream. But I love it. I’d like one, too, please. I can tell just by the way you say it you are a wonderful mom who loves her kids. That kind of wishful change clearly shows us you’re accessible and approachable. Maybe too much so! ha!

3) There’s this alien that looks like a swan with really big eyes and purple feet. She’s sure you would like to be able to sing like a nightingale and offers you the most beautiful, entrancing voice in exchange for your first-born child. Would you make the trade? Why or why not?

Wait…what was the question again? Sorry, I was mesmerized by the beautiful swan with the purple feet.  Oh right…sing like a nightingale for my first-born.  NOT happening.  First of all, my first-born is a twin, so he’s part of a packaged deal there.  Plus they both can sing, so I’d rather listen to them with that beautiful natural harmony…and besides, I kinda like having them around. *;) winking  (this was a tough question since I can’t hold a tune to save my life *:) happy ).

I know! That swan just gets me every time. I can’t think straight when she’s around either. Honestly, when she was young, I thought she was why they’d written The Ugly Duckling story.  Then come to find out, she’s why they wrote The Ugly Duckling story. Just beautiful and oh so charming! Of course, it sounds to me like you’ve made the right choice no matter how tempting an offer she made you. Now I’m curious about having TWINS! My goodness. You’re life must be full of adventure and surprise.

Thank you so much for stopping by for a little interview, Carrie Ann! We loved having you. Congratulations on your #BlogBattle win. We look forward to reading more of your stories in the future!

And to everyone who has joined us, thank you for stopping by! Be sure to read Carrie Ann’s story, A Day in the Loop, over at her blog, Anniehow.  If you yourself are a story writer, or a dreamer of writing stories, consider joining the #BlogBattle each week with us! You are very welcome here!

4 thoughts on “Interview with Carrie Ann, Loop #BlogBattle Winner”

  1. Reblogged this on Anniehow… and commented:
    When one wins the #BlogBattle, not only do you receive the coveted blog badge to proudly display on your blog for the whole world to see, but you are also interviewed by Rachael Ritchey herself.

    As a result of my win for week 10, I had the honor of sitting down with Rachael Ritchey for my interview. I must say I was a little nervous at the prospect of this, because for one, it’s Rachael Ritchey!!…two, I’ve never been interviewed before…three, what if she asks me some really tough questions?…and Ugh, what am I going to wear? Well that little freak-out was unnecessary, because I had a lovely time just chit-chatting with Rachael. Being a mom herself, she made me feel at ease, and I realized she’s just like you and me and just a fun person to be around. You can read the interview here:

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