A Break-the-Big-Tie Moment: Winner of Horde #BlogBattle

BlogBattle award 2I said I wouldn’t be doing weekly posts to announce the #BlogBattle winners. Instead I’ll always list them here: https://rachaelritchey.com/bb-interviews/, but today I’m breaking my rule. We’ll blame it on that whole, “learn the rules then break them,” thing I’ve heard here and there, in relation to writing. OR it’s just possible I’m a rebel. 😉

Last week’s voting for the Horde #BlogBattle ended with a five-way tie! That’s a little much. We could do a two-way tie, but not five, so I asked for everyone to vote one more time. Thank you for taking the time to do it!

Thank you all for writing such lovely stories to read each week. It’s amazing and fun to get to know each and every one of you and to experience the different writing styles, not to mention voices of passionate writers. Such an enjoyable experience!

Also, I’ll say Thank You for voting for my story: Grecca and a Horde. It did end up winning by one vote, but up until the last fifteen minutes before midnight it was tied with Jahaira’s story: Sealed with a Kiss, so I’m going to call it a tie! If for some reason I ever end up winning by a landslide, I’ll interview myself. haha

So, Congrats, Jahaira/Yaya Says at Figuring it out Mommy! We loved your story! Here’s your badge to add to it! 🙂

BlogBattle award 1

So, tomorrow we’ll be ready for your ROPE themed stories! Woohoo! Hooray for #BlogBattles!

8 responses to “A Break-the-Big-Tie Moment: Winner of Horde #BlogBattle”

  1. Any way we can find out who else made the five-way tie?


    1. I could get the info, but my biggest concern is making sure there are no hard feelings. We really just do this for fun, and the voting helps so I don’t have to be the sole picker if winners every week! 🙂

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    2. 🙂 I’ll share it this once. The five stories were as follows:
      Sealed with a Kiss by Jahaira
      Grecca & a Horde by Rachael
      Untitled by Nicholas
      From Such Great Heights by Plagued Parent
      The Crowd by Blonde

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      1. Many Thanks! And, Congrats to the writers, too! I just had one of those near insatiable desires to know who made the cut.

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        1. I totally understand. I’ve had debates with myself about showing the percentages of the voting. But ultimately I decided not to share the info because I don’t want to discourage anyone from writing. I think that many writers, because we invest so much of ourselves into our writing, have sensitive egos which can be bruised. I would be so upset if someone doubted their abilities as a writer because of #BlogBattle stats that ultimately don’t really matter. 🙂 All we want to do each week is improve our writing skills, challenge ourselves to new things, have fun, and encourage each other. 🙂 I hope you are enjoying it!


  2. phoenixgrey85 Avatar

    Rules are amde to be broken. 😀 Congrats to Jahaira/Yaya Says. 🙂

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  3. 😀 That’s some battle. 😛

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