Interview with Jahaira, #BlogBattle “Horde” Winner

Everyone, please join with me in welcoming Jahaira from Figuring it out Mommy! Jahaira joined the battle some seven themes ago and so far has contributed five (actually six!) fantastic tales to our weekly creative writing competition/all-around fun, friendly writing extravaganza! It’s been a pleasure having Jahaira in the community. She also goes by YaYa Says, which some of you may be more familiar with! Her winning story from last week is called Sealed with a Kiss.

Jahaira couldn’t be with us in person today, so we’re chatting over the airwaves (just go with me here! 😉 ). Let’s just check to make sure we’re connected.

Welcome to the interview corner. Are you with me?

Jahaira here, super ridiculously excited. Just lost 5 lbs after doing a happy dance!!!

Oh! That makes me super happy, too! I think you and BlondeWriteMore have been chatting about happy dances, hugs, and the like. I must learn this dance. I could really use it. I’ve gained A LOT of weight since February, and it isn’t pretty!

I think we ALL gained weight this winter, it was brutal and just plain tragic with this below zero yuckiness, but on to fun things….The dance include the Carlton (Fresh Prince), The Urkel (Family Matters) and freestyle, which I am sure people just passing by would question my sanity. 🙂

That’s my kind of dance! I’ll be trying it after our talk. 🙂

1) You mentioned that you love writing and obviously you do! You’re a BlogBattler. 🙂 But I also happen to remember you saying you read your old journals and things. What is one sage piece of advice you’ve gleaned from reading your own words of the past?

It’s funny because when I think back, I remember I was sad, I wanted to fit in, I wanted to be loved. But when I read back, I realized that some people I had in my life, did love me the best way they could and in reality they loved me the way I needed which put me where I am today. So, I’ve learned appreciation of everyone I’ve had in my life. I have actually written letters to most (good and not so good), thanking them for helping me get where I am today.

That’s wonderful, Jahaira! I love that you have gained insight and appreciation for the past. It reminds me how very good it can be to journal regularly and then go back to read our own thoughts. Sometimes we say things that help our older selves better than they did our younger selves!

2) Being a mom and figuring things out don’t always go hand in hand. At least, not for me, but I love the idea behind your blog, to help others have lives than aren’t on overload and also gain encouragement from others. As a blogger and a writer, especially for BlogBattle, what has been the best thing you’ve gained from the whole experience so far? Why?

Parenting is truly like a never-ending game show… “If you eat your rice, you’ll get not only 1, but THREE stories tonight.” It truly is a constant puzzle.

Blogging has been such a blessing (Me Time). Being exposed to so many people around the world, you become opened to their lives, their passions, pain, their culture. You realize that no matter how different we are and how many oceans away we are from each other, we all thrive to be loved, heard, respected looking for our own piece of happiness and to leave our mark in the world. So, it feels good to me to throw lines of encouragement, to say “hi”, to just love everyone. It’s a heart booster, I think.

Now BlogBattle, has been fun…it has at some points…hurt my hair follicles, ha! I am learning to just trust myself. Especially with “Sealed with a Kiss”, I almost did not submit it like I did with Handcuffed to an Oath. Sometimes, when a story is too close to home, I fear of the reaction, which is something I am working on.

Overall, I am gaining confidence in part because of all of the wonderful bloggers in WordPress World! This is a neat community we have here.

The love you have for your boys is obvious. You have a constant eye and heart toward being a great mom, and I think your blogging is a fantastic outlet for your “me time.” It helps you and others! How very cool!

I’m only sorry that we missed including Handcuffed to an Oath for the “News” BlogBattle. It was a powerful and poignant story so many people identify with, but I do understand that fear. One thing we learn as writers, not everyone likes what we write due to style or content. There will almost always be push back on ideas, viewpoints, or opinions. Even truth can be hard to swallow, but I love that you overcame your fears and posted the story anyway. It is heartfelt and loving even though the subject matter is difficult. I think that’s part of what makes it so very good. I’m so glad you’re gaining confidence from our battles! That’s huge! 😀

But we can’t leave off on too serious of a note, so it’s time to introduce you to Susie’s cousin, Jethro.

3) My friend, Susie, from Saturn has a distant cousin from Jupiter. Jethro. He’s Jupitokorian, but he’d like to adopt from earth. He’s heard amazing things about our kids. He’s got this really cool transmit ray that can take any alien (including us people) to other planets. He’ll give you one of these transmitter thingies if you’ll let him adopt your boys. Since you’ve got some pets, he’s sure you would consider it. Would you do it?

No Way! My boys are my piece of heaven, my heart, my cuddle bugs, my gummy bears…I can keep There’s nothing more beautiful than the way their eyes look at me, not a star nor any planet. I would have considered it earlier though when my Big would not eat his rice. EmojiThey can have my brother any day though, lol.

Haha, do keep going! That’s a great list of sonnish attributes. 🙂 I’m really not surprised, and I warned Susie that Jethro may be stretching the bounds of appropriate a little too far. haha Depending on how old your brother is, he may not actually be adoptable on Jupiter. Does he bathe regularly? That’s another consideration. They don’t bathe above twice every three years on Jupiter.

It’s been such a pleasure having you on air for a little interview, Jahaira! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! It’s been wonderful getting to know you a little better.

Thank you so much for helping me pick at my brain with BlogBattle! I love reading all of these great stories and creating my own.

And we love having you and yours as a part of it! Have a great day!

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  1. Congratulations!! Just love this…Parenting is truly like a never-ending game show…so true!!

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  2. One of my favourite bloggers 🙂

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    1. Feeling is mutual! High Five!

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  3. Nice answer to #3, Jahaira! 🙂 Congrats on the BlogBattle win! 😀

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