Ant Dream #blogbattle #flashfiction

We writers often feel like this little ant. And our dreams, though heavy, are a weight we cannot imagine not bearing, not keeping close, and not sharing. 🙂


These short story contests are organised by the one and only Rachael Ritchey, author of the ‘Beauty Thief’.

If you think you are tough enough to compete come and join us!

The word this week is DREAM

Here is this week’s Blondewritemore entry.

Ant Dream

“What have you got there Barbara?” shrieked Cheryl the ant, staring in horror at her ant friend dragging something along behind her.

“It’s the book that I have been writing” puffed Barbara the ant, pulling a mass of papers behind her.

“A book?” screeched Cheryl. “You are writing a book?”

Barbara groaned “yes I am writing a book!”

“I didn’t think you would be the type to write a book Barbara, surely there are betterant things to be doing than writing a silly book” said Cheryl with a sharpness to her voice.

Barbara took a break from her heavy load. Cheryl looked at…

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