Interview with #BlogBattle “Musk” Winner Tracey D.

Tracey D
Musk was an interesting word last week. Our blog battle stories were all entertaining, but first time battler, Tracey D., wowed with her fun story, Pierre’s Secret
We loved her evocative  use of the word and couldn’t help but feel a little story for poor, dear Pierre!
Ah, the guest of honor has arrived!
It’s a pleasure to have you at the old bloggarooni today, Tracey, and I can’t wait to ask you a few questions! Let’s just get started, shall we? 🙂
1) You’re new to blog battles, but we’re so happy to have you here! What was it about this friendly competition that caught your attention and made you think you’d like to join?
The bread crumb trail took me from my home in Nevada to a Texas food blogger to Rochelle @Friday Fictioneers to KT in Australia who reposted a blog by BlondeWriteMore in the UK who mentioned #blogbattle in another post that I found while stalking her site. I’m always struck by how small our world has become through social media. The #blogbattle writers display talents in several genres and I like the idea of a one word prompt. I can’t “color in the lines” so the contests that give me too much prompt or too many rules turn off my muse, she’s fickle like that.
We are most pleased that your trail led you to us! You have found a lovely group of encouraging and kind people and a place where you can go pretty much hog wild with the word prompt. Your muse can be as fickle as she pleases!
2) You are a healthy eating/cooking connoisseur, and we need to pick your brain for a minute! What is your favorite recipe you’ve ever made, and what do you think are the best benefits of it?
Caramelized Pineapple Salsa Mahi Mahi tacos are my “go to” tacos. They are loaded with fresh pineapple, red peppers, onions and cilantro for a rainbow of vitamins and anti-oxidants. The Mahi Mahi provides a healthy dose of lean protein and omega 3 fatty acid for heart health. I serve them with a spicy faux cauliflower “rice” with ginger and turmeric for a cancer fighting and anti-inflammatory boost. Eating real food is the best medicine.
Oh my goodness! I want to come to your house. Please make this for me. My mouth is just watering reading the words. And for the rest of us who can’t actually go to Tracey’s house anytime soon for a delicious meal, here a link to her blog with the recipe!
Caramelized Pineapple Salsa Mahi Mahi 
3) No alien would ever presume to come to Earth without a trade in mind. They love it here, but they also like to take bits and pieces home. At least they always offer to leave something behind. If an alien were to offer you an unlimited supply of organic spinach and strawberries in exchange for your teeth, would you take it? Why?
This is a tough question because I love organic spinach and strawberries and I could feed the world and blog about it (#blogopportunity) with an unlimited supply of these power house foods. However, I would really like to keep my teeth. So sorry Alien you can’t have my teeth but I could hook you up with one of my favorite books, perhaps “The Help” or “To Kill a Mockingbird” or any “Harry Potter” book. Rachael what book would you send back with an alien?
That’s a kind offer to send a book home with an alien. 🙂 I bet they’d love it! I suppose I’d probably send Hidden Hand. It’s a great book by E.D.E.N. Southworth.  Thanks for asking!
Well, that was a pleasant visit, Tracey! Thank you for stopping in for the interview. We are once again thrilled to find out more about one of your blog battling friends. You’re just a lovely woman.
Thanks everyone, for coming by and spending some time with Tracey and I today. I know I had a great time!

5 responses to “Interview with #BlogBattle “Musk” Winner Tracey D.”

  1. Congratulations on the win Tracey. I don’t think I’d give my teeth up either. 🙂

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  2. I like Tracey, she’s always nipping across to my blonde part of blogging town. All this food talk to making me hungry – hmmm tacos!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on the win, Tracey! Ohhh those tacos sound delicious!! I love healthy eating. 🙂 Our blueberry bushes are ripe and we have tons of blueberries right now.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Rawls,
      When life gives you blueberries make a cobbler!

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      1. A gluten free cobbler, too! 🙂

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