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Guest Post: Susan Hughes on Editors

She’s fantastic! I appreciate Susan Hughes. Her dedication and eye for detail is not only helpful but rewarding, too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Great article, Susan! Thanks for having her on your blog, Nicholas. ๐Ÿ™‚

In My Mind, This Is All Connected

This week I invited my good friend and editor Susan Hughes (No relation :D) to take a turn in front of the spotlight. ย She is a fantastic editor and was an incredible help with much of the behind the scenes work on The Red Dress. ย Itโ€™s no surprise that when I gave her free reign to write whatever she wanted, she decided to tackle the question what is an editorโ€™s role. ย I know that the subject is close to her heart and she writes about it with a deep passion.

Thank you Susan. ย I hope to have you back soon!

From the Editorโ€™s Desk

What is an Editor?

Iโ€™m often surprised by how many writers donโ€™t really understand an editorโ€™s role. Or maybe itโ€™s just that my idea of what the role should be differs from theirs. ย Whatever the source of the confusion, hereโ€™s my take on it.

A Loverโ€ฆ

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