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Captive Hope

As we move closer to Captive Hope’s release, I couldn’t help but make a teaser trailer for your viewing enjoyment. Look for Captive Hope to hit shelves everywhere in January 2016!

~ They say love conquers all, but Idra knows hope is what sets the captive free. ~PRIME CH cover 7

Idra is noble by birth, lady-in-waiting to the future High Queen of the Twelve Realms, and ordinary in every other way.

Since birth, her life has been pledged in service to the crown. Thus, she’s never sought attention or allowed herself to dream of a different path. Buried somewhere deep inside, Idra is restless, but at twenty-three she knows there’s very little chance of things changing.

But when a man from her past keeps a promise she knows nothing about, Idra’s mettle will be tested beyond anything she’s ever experienced. Because of his revenge, Idra is torn from the only life she knows and faced with a future no one should ever be forced to endure. All she has left is a little faith and a sliver of hope, but is it enough?

Captive Hope is the second book in the Chronicles of the Twelve Realms.


20 thoughts on “Captive Hope”

  1. Absolutely love the trailer, Rachael… photography and effects are beautiful and presented very well. The music is perfect and really captures and draws one into the appealing vignette. I would definitely be tempted to find out more about the book. Very well done!

    At this moment I’m looking forward to reading, The Beauty Thief. I’m currently reading another book on my Fire, but yours is on there too and will be the next one I tuck into. 😉

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