Hey, It’s Nicholas Hughes! #BlogBattle Winner Interview

Not once but two weeks in a row Nicholas’s stories were top voted for #BlogBattle. The first, Fortunato’s Chains, is an homage to Edgar Allen Poe. The second, Kristen’s Thriller, is dedicated to Nicholas’s wife. 🙂

Nicholas has been around since the very beginning of #BlogBattle, and it’s because of a silly conversation he and I were having on Twitter that the whole idea for the battles came about. He’s such a witty, introspective, and constant man. I’m happy to call him friend. I hope you’ll get to know him a little better today as we ask him a few questions.

1) At what point in time did you decide, “That’s it! I’m writing and nobody is gonna stop me”? What doubt might you have overcome?

I never had that moment.  My wife and parents always supported me in my endeavors.  So if anyone was stopping me, it was ME.  Sheer inertia was my problem.  An object at rest and all that.  Thanks Newton.  But then there was one day, I can’t remember when, that I had the sudden realization.  That same motivation that made me get up in the morning and go to work was the same stuff that would allow me to write a book.  I started The Red Dress that night.  
As for doubt, the doubt then is the same as now.  That I’m not good enough.  Good enough that I don’t feel like I wasting your time in wanting you to read it.  For me, it’s all about enjoyment, and if I don’t think you’ll enjoy it, then I have issues.  🙂
That’s awesome to have such great support. 🙂 I think not everyone has that, but it can still be difficult to get your work out there in the world with those lingering self-doubts. There will always be someone who doesn’t care for your work, but there are equally as many or more who will enjoy it as much or more than you yourself. And, of course, I say this for all us writer’s benefits. It seems to be a universal sort of doubt lingering in the back or our minds.
2) What is something that you do to help get past difficult sections of writing where the words don’t seem to flow as well?
My go to?  Music, usually.  Also, I’m known to read authors whose style I’m trying to emulate.  We all know that different genres read differently, and I try to keep that in mind with my writing.  If I’m having trouble with X then I read A, Y brings out author B, etc.
Awww…. Who am I kidding?  If things are difficult, I write it anyway and come back to it later.  No matter how much I want to tear my hair out.  Usually, it’s quality that stops a story, not hard sections.  Hard sections can be worked out through editing, but I tend to find that, if I’m able to focus regardless, then the muscles start to unkink and things flow a lot easier.
That’s a great perspective on keeping the flow and not giving up! 
3) If an alien showed up tomorrow and told you he could publish your book and get it to all the bestseller lists in the world, but you’d have to die first, would you go for the fame?
Do I have to die right away?  Like can I have a good long life before I die, but never see the fruits of my labor?  That’s ok with me.  I’d do it.  But if I have to die here in a puddle of goo?  Nope.  I will do it the hard way, struggling and all that.  Besides, who says I can’t circumvent that little green guy by doing it the normal way regardless of him.
Besides aliens are tricksy.
Haha Yes, that they can be. It would be an immediate trade-off I think, so you’ll just have to muddle your way on through. Keep on keepin’ on, as someone somewhere said some time to some people at some place.
Thanks, Nicholas, for stopping in and answering the tough questions! It’s always fun to get to know our winners a little better. You’ve shared some great encouragement and personal insight today!
Thank you for stopping in to get to know our friend, Nicholas Hughes. Make sure you check out his blog and say hi! He loves to converse. 🙂

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    Also, I want to give a shout out to my good friend Rachael for these #BlogBattles. She’s provided me with great energy and advice throughout the years. Thank you, Rachael! Here’s to many more.

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