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Force of Life #BlogBattle #flashfiction

#BlogBattle Week 43 “Midnight”: Force of Life

Tree001Under the guidance of predawn light he half-dragged himself, half-hobbled up the loose rock on the side of Ophira’s Peak. His time was short; he had to get out of sight before the morning sun made its appearance.

If not for the power of the life he’d already stolen he’d have died in that fall, but the searing pain of broken ribs, hundreds of cuts, deep bruises and gashes were enough to make him wish he were dead. The only thought which kept him going was revenge. That prince and princess would pay dearly for what they’d done.

It would be nearly two years before another total lunar eclipse visited the realms, and they’d taken his amulet, but he would get it back. Nox was sure they couldn’t have pierced it without also killing the princess. It was inconceivable and the only inkling of hope the twisted little man could muster in the midst of his agonized crawl up the mountainside.

The curved halo of sunshine assaulted him from the right but afforded the exact balance of light and shadow to reveal the entrance to a small cave hidden among the slide of rock and debris. He inched his way closer, growing more wary of being discovered with each passing minute but soon found himself within the welcoming darkness of the entrance.

Now hidden in the covert hollow he had little concern over being apprehended. With a groan, he lowered himself to the floor and let the power of unconsciousness overtake the throbbing aches of his aging body.

The entire day slipped by as Nox let the power of time and stolen life-force begin to heal him in sleep. The essence was slipping away and the need to repair bones and flesh used up more than time itself, but Nox could not control it.

The power of life could be harnessed within the amulet, but once absorbed he could not direct it. This mattered little as he needed the slight assistance in the healing process if he were to make it back to the cave, to the locked room where his most prized possessions were stored.

He woke and rolled his shoulders, shaking off the chill of damp air. The aches and pains still ravaged his body, but the bones had begun to mend, which was all he wanted for his trek. Ignoring the tightness of his muscles he worked his way to a standing position and crept toward the mouth of the cave.

The beginningThe night sky was bright and clear, perfect for him to sneak through the woods to the entrance nestled under the dead tree. Nox gauged the time to be midnight which gave him several hours to slink his way through the heavy growth of trees and underbrush.

Consumed with the need to retaliate and recover the stolen amulet, Nox limped down the rock slide with practiced stealth and into the welcoming cover of thick forest. Before the next midnight he was sure he could gain everything he needed to make his plan for revenge complete, and no one would stand in his way.

No one.

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  1. I had a feeling at the start that you were going to link it to your books and I was right!! What a clever idea! I hope you carry on doing this as this could be a great way of promoting your books IBFF! Clever clever clever clever lady!

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